CAIR: America's #1 National Security Threat
Dave Gaubatz Educational Newsletter 31 Jan 2013
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CAIR, MSA, The Muslim Brotherhood and
 Gun Control 
Any incident that results in the death of an innocent person is tragic. It is much worse when it is a child who suffers.  The Sandy Hook school shooting killed many innocent children, but the after actions by the media and politicians can hurt our children and country far greater than this tragic event.

The left media and most politicians will use any tragedy to further their own personal agendas. These people who although act ignorant, are actually very bright people.  This is what makes it worse.  They realize more stringent gun control will not prevent future murders of innocent people.  The people who murder will simply find another method of harming others.  The criminals will be armed and innocent people will become the victims. 
The liberals in this country advocate the taking away of guns from innocent Americans will reduce tragedies like at the elementary school.  Most well informed Americans know our country has greater security concerns for our children than from a few disturbed people who shoot innocent people with guns.
Almost every major U.S. college/university has an MSA (Muslim Student Association) on campus.  It is no secret that the MSA is a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood and they are closely connected to CAIR.  One would have to be foolish to believe the Muslim Brotherhood does not have the desire or ability to cause hundreds of times the damage one person did at Sandy Hook.
There are Islamic terrorists camps spread across America and yet little is heard from our media or politicians about the harm they could cause our children.  People must understand these Islamic groups do not have sympathy for children.  They have and do kill children across the world and use them to further their Sharia causes.  These groups would not hesitate to kill children at malls, school, or at any event in which large numbers of children may be attending.  Why aren't our courageous media and politicians educating Americans about these groups.  Two primary reasons:
1.  The vast majority of our media and politicians are in bed with Islamic groups both politically and/or financially.
2.  Saudi Arabia controls and owns most media outlets and the politicians who govern our great country.
Do not allow anyone or any politician to take away your 'U.S. Constitutional Rights'.  Write to your media and politicians and demand they answer why the MSA and CAIR can operate freely inside America.