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18 Dec 2012
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Media, Law Enforcement, & Politicians Giving Parents & Children a False Sense of Security at School 
The book shown here is by the Iraqi attorney who helped rescue Pvt. Jessica Lynch when she was a POW in Iraq (2003). The title says it all.  Once again the media, followed of course by our reactive law enforcement agencies and politicians have put the fear of Satan into the American public and especially our young children.  The murders in Connecticut were tragic and my prayers go to the families and the children who are suffering. The most devastating part is that people who are supposed to be our nations leaders are once again making Americans feel they and their children are being protected. In reality: They aren't.
The media continues to do their thing. They hype everything to the point of failing to be accurate in their reporting.  On the day (as most days) of this tragic event America has thousands upon thousands of journalists sitting around with nothing useful to do. The shooting at the school gave them a purpose in life and they will milk it to the very end. They do not care if the continuous reporting frightens our children.
Our law enforcement once again get to get dressed up in their pretty SWAT Gear and speed down the highway to a scene that is already over. This is our reactive security we call our 'first line defenders'.  Over the next few weeks you will see them giving out a 101 different suggestions for securing our schools. Has anyone ever thought of why they didn't do it the week before? The answer is because they are trained to react to a crime not prevent crimes.  
Now the politicians.  Well they have had 200 plus years of reinforced training to know this is a prime opportunity to voice an opinion regardless if the opinion isn't worth the 'S---T' that comes out of their behinds.
Although the following suggestions on truly protecting our children will never be enforced due to liberals and political correctness, nevertheless they should be mentioned. There are only two possible ways to even come close to protecting our children at school from anyone who has made it their goal in life to hurt them.
1.  Ban all guns in America from the general public. This is not my choice, but when you conduct a Threat Assessment you look at all potential solutions. We all know (at least Americans with common sense) this will never happen and should never happen.  So we go to number two.
2.  Train some teachers and school staff in firearms handling and allow them to wear concealed weapons at school. If the principal at the Newtown school would have had a firearm she would not have had to attempt stopping an armed individual with her hands. Will this solution ever happen? Possibly after we have suffered multiple tragic shootings like at Newtown. Because of the media hyping this event there will likely be copycats. This is similar to the airline pilots who were selected to carry firearms.
So where does this leave us? It leaves us with taxpayers paying for ignorant security measures at our schools that will not prevent one child from being saved from a person who is hell bent on murdering innocent people.  Have any of our school security experts looked at how to protect our children from 'Islamic martyrs' who have repeatedly said they will target our children?  No. There are mosques scattered all across America and right next to our schools that advocate killing innocent Americans. They will continue to do so because our media, law enforcement, and politicians are willing to sacrifice our children for political correctness. I have read during the last few days of numerous schools adopting the policy of locking the doors to prevent unauthorized entry. This foolish solution would only insure the murderer looking to hurt children did it in the parking lots filled with school buses, or at one of the schools outdoor sporting events. 
To sum it all up. Our schools are no safer today than they were on the day of the Newtown shootings, and they will be no safer on next years anniversary of this event when you will once again see journalists hopping from their chairs, law enforcement giving misleading security training, and politicians saying anything to get a dollar and a vote.  Dave Gaubatz

Dave Gaubatz


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