CAIR: America's #1 National Security Threat
Dave Gaubatz Educational Newsletter 14 Dec 2012
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Muslim Brotherhood Interns in Wash DC

Most of you have heard the recent news about Senator Robert Menendez having an illegal immigrant and registered sex offender working in his office as an intern.  This has grabbed the attention of most media networks.  For those of you who have read our book 'Muslim Mafia', you are aware that our undercover research team revealed inside CAIR documents listing Congressional leaders who have Muslim Brotherhood interns working in their office and reporting directly to CAIR National.  The following three are just examples of the Congressional leaders who allow Muslim Brotherhood interns to work for them: Representative Sheila Jackson (D-TX), Representative Gregory Meeks (D-NY), and Representative Joe Sestak (D-PA).  For an elected leader to have an illegal immigrant and registered sex offender working in their office is a national security concern, but for several Muslim Brotherhood interns to be working in a Congressional leaders office is a much more serious national security issue.  Why then are interns who are aligned with advocating terrorism against our country allowed to be anywhere near the people who are elected to protect our country, but an illegal immigrant (from Peru) is arrested and all the media networks are reporting on this matter?  The answer is Saudi money controls Washington DC and money from Peru does not.

The U.S. Army, led by the Commander in Chief (Obama) have recently published a field guide for our troops stationed in the Middle East to follow in order to reduce the possibility of insider attacks such as the ones that have killed 300 plus of our troops in Afghanistan.  After reading the AP article (linked above) I literally laughed at the ignorance of our highest elected officials and the politically correct methods they will use to fool the American public.  In this case our Commander in Chief is jeopardizing the lives of our most precious commodity, our young men and women.  The handbook is a guide for ultimate disaster and will cause the death of our troops if they use this guide when working with potential martyrs of Islam.  The following is an example of what the guide instructs are troops to do to prevent inside attacks:

"A new draft of the 70-page insider attack handbook includes a pullout tip card that details indicators that an Afghan security force member may be a threat, such as reclusive behavior, desire for control, increased focus on violence and abrupt behavioral changes.

It also reminds soldiers to be aware of cultural differences, including the need to avoid doing things in front of Afghans that are considered offensive. Troops, the handbook says, should not blow their noses, put their feet up on desks, wink, spit, point fingers at Afghans or use the "ok" hand signal, which some Afghans interpret as an obscene gesture". AP


As per the norm with Obama the Army guide clearly focuses on American troops not offending the Afghan troops working alongside them. For instance don't blow your noses, wink, etc...  How ignorant does Obama and his liberal team believe the American people are? For anyone who has studied Islam and the Muslim people, the guide is an insult to our troops.  Nowhere in this guide does it accurately give any information that would prevent an Islamic martyr from killing our troops.  The Army guide was likely written with the help of FBI profilers. (First mistake!)  The officials who wrote this guide are trying to use the same logic with an Islamic martyr as they would with a common criminal.  This is a huge mistake.  The guide shy's away from the use of the term Islam, but in actuality the murderers who have committed the insider attacks on our troops are very much devoted to Islam. They are Muslim. Islam is what triggers them to kill innocent Christians, Jews, and anyone who has (in their opinion) invaded their lands.  What should the Army guide inform our troops about?


1.  The potential martyrs are Islamic and they put Islam and the Quran above any allegiance to U.S. troops. 

2.  The more Sharia compliant a Muslim is the greater likelihood the Muslim will commit an act of violence. (The troops must be taught Sharia, by counter-terrorism professionals who do not water down the truth)

3. The troops should be on the watch for Islamic materials written by known terrorists (first the troops need to be trained on who these people are and the chance that anyone from DOD or DHS can provide this critical intel is almost null and void). 


I will close this article by saying it is a very sad day for me personally when I see our military leaders playing politics with the lives of our young men and women.  There was a day in our history when our highest ranking military leaders put the troops first and politics last. Then has been reversed since our country fell so low as to elect a liberal socialist as the Commander in Chief. 


A thought: If blowing ones nose in front of a Muslim can cause him to become a suicide bomber and kill our troops, why are we in Islamic countries anyway?

Dave Gaubatz


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