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Dave Gaubatz Educational Newsletter 2 Dec 2012
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Should We Encourage Our Children to Join the U.S. Military Under Obama?

Several months ago I wrote an article pertaining to our children serving in them military while Obama is the Commander in Chief. Since Obama won the reelection I felt it was important to update the article and ask the question again.  why hasn't Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh, or other conservatives addressed this issue?  Possibly because we have been brainwashed to never, never, never say anything negative about our military system. I served 24 years in the USAF and was involved in several conflicts/wars. Unless Obama has already changed the U.S. Constitution you and I still have a right to voice our opinions. 


The question is a big one. Do we as parents encourage our children who are currently of age to join the U.S. Armed Services?  Obama is the Commander in Chief and most educated people know his agenda is anti-American. He does not want what is best for our country nor does he care about our children. I ask you. Should Iraqi parents have been proud their children served under Saddam Hussein? What about the Iranian parents who have children serving under the Dictator in their country? Let's go back a few years. Should the German parents have been proud their children served under Hitler? What about Stalin?  In 2012, should Americans be proud if their children attend West Point and are serving the personal agenda interests of a Commander in Chief who is destroying America?  We could go on and on, but the one common denominator each of these leaders had/have is they did not/do not care about either their country or it's people.  Now read my previous article for more details. I request everyone to provide me feedback. 


Our country has always had the best and bravest military personnel, but we must now ponder if it is the right thing to do in joining under the current Administration.  For many this could be the most important discussion and debate you have.  The question is do we as parents encourage our children to join the Armed Forces under the current Commander In Chief, President Obama?  For generations we have always believed it was a great honor to serve in the military, but now you must ask the question is it an honor to help an Administration that is hell bent on destroying our country?


The above quote is repeated by Islamic scholars all across the world.  They indeed mean it literally.  I have been to mosques all over the world and there are more materials inside the mosque advocating this than there are any peaceful materials.  I feel I can write about this topic because I served over 20 years honorably in the U.S. Armed Forces and held our country's highest clearances.  I was proud to have served my country.  Today I feel compelled to write this article for the parents who have a son or daughter contemplating joining the Armed Forces.


Most of us realize that after almost 4 years we have one of the most dangerous (in regards to our national security) President's to ever serve as the Commander In Chief  and possibly going to be in office another four years.  I will go further and say our current President is hurting our country by not acknowledging that Islam itself is a serious problem to not only America but to the world.  Obama will not allow his military officers to even remotely consider that Islam is a violent religion.  If Mufti Usmani and the hundreds of Islamic scholars all state that Islam' goal is to establish the dominance of Islam worldwide over all other religions, why doesn't Obama believe them?  This is a question only he can answer, but the fact being he doesn't feel the Islamic ideology is a threat to our country and therefore our children should not volunteer to serve under a Commander in Chief who doesn't have our country's best interest at heart and the best interest of our children.


Parents should understand the primary reason for entering the Armed Forces is to protect our country, its people, and our way of life.  The service member must be willing to give his/her life to protect these interests.  If your Commanding Officer knowingly supports the interests of Islamic terrorist and their supporters then you must follow the orders of him or risk being court martialed.  Currently we have senior U.S. military officers who have bought into Obama's beliefs that Islam is not dangerous and there is not even such a thing as an Islamic terrorist.  Obama will not allow the words Islam and terrorism to be used together.


There has never been a time in our history that we have not fully identified the enemy when we go to war, until now.  A country can't expect to win a war if we have not identified an enemy.  Obama feels Al Qaeda is our only real enemy.  This is not even close to the reality.  Of course Al Qaeda is a part of the enemy, but which part? The part is the Islamic ideology itself. Until we have a Commander In Chief who is at least going to look at this critical issue I discourage parents from advising their children on entering the Armed Services.


As a parent would you encourage your child to go to work for a boss who has a proven track record of failures and who puts our country in a dangerous situation? Would you encourage your child to work for a boss who has friends such as Bill Ayers (Weather Underground Co-Founder)? Ayers and his group bombed several U.S. Government facilities' to include Military Recruiting Centers.  Would you encourage your child to work for a boss who had admitted using illegal drugs to include cocaine?  Personally I would not.  I will encourage my child to work for a boss who sets the example for the employees who work for him/her.


The ultimate decision as to join or not join rests with your child when they officially become an adult.  If they join under President Obama they may sacrifice their life for a policy that is harmful to our country and not beneficial. This is not heroic. Ponder carefully before making a decision.




I was sent into Iraq at the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom. I was a civilian 1811 Federal Agent. In late Dec 2003, President Bush announced to the world that the hunt for WMD was over. He said there was no WMD in Iraq. Was he correct?