CAIR: America's #1 National Security Threat
Dave Gaubatz Educational Newsletter 28 Nov 2012
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"My Name Is America"
The name of this beautiful song by Todd Allen Herendeen says it all. I had never heard the song until yesterday when I was a guest on a wonderful radio show based out of SC. The show is great and the hosts are great. They can be reached at  Allie (host) played this 4 minute song before my interview.  If you have not heard the song you must listen and pay attention to the words. It is on youtube
There is only one way America can win the war on Islamic based terrorism and stop the Marxist administration from destroying this beautiful country.  The song gives many clues, but it comes down to this. The Americans who can relate to "My Name is America" must step up to the plate and become 'True Americans'. No longer can you moan and groan about how our country is going down the 'chute of hell'. You have got to become more active.  You can begin with peaceful protests to denounce our soon to be Marxist government.  We need hundreds of thousands to begin demonstrating for a change to what our America was, not what is has become.  There are numerous conservative people, organizations, talk show hosts, and media who could unite and accomplish this if they would all come together. I do not have great hope this will happen because most serve their own self interests and quite honestly most seldom venture from the political correctness stance as dictated by the liberal left.
There can't be just one protest that will get the change we need. There has to be daily, weekly, and monthly protests throughout the U.S. and on a continuous basis until our politicians listen to the majority of the American people.  
I would like to help organize an event around April 2013. Not because this date signifies any particular event in history, but because it gives enough time to plan and the weather is usually outstanding!
Again it will take many people to organize such an event and many people (25 plus) who have been named by the OIC and MPAC as having the power within our country to reach millions of people. The articles by OIC is here.

To the American people:  If you want to lose America just continue on the same course. If you want America back get off the paved highway and get onto the dirt road which is bumpy, smelly, dirty, and a very difficult road, but it will lead to bringing the true America back" Dave Gaubatz

Dave Book In the CAIR research undercover project my team and I brought forward an enormous amount of intelligence and criminal activity being committed by Muslim Brotherhood fronts inside America. As few as 5 of my researchers can obtain more Islamic based terrorism intelligence than dozens of FBI Agents combined...and with only a fraction of the funding they receive. Why? Because the FBI Agents have their hands tied behind their back due to political correctness and political red tape. I do not.
I am in the process of putting together another undercover research team to go inside specific mosques in America that are behind their doors advocating treason, sedition and terrorist acts against America.  We will expose their activities and will provide the intelligence to the public, politicians, and our law enforcement. If you want to assist please contact Dave at:, phone:276-930-1189, or donate through the Paypal link above.  I can't do it without your support. Respectfully, Dave Gaubatz