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Dave Gaubatz Educational Newsletter 23 Nov 2012
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Neither Democrats or Republicans Define                        Terrorism for American Public
Americans have become so sensitized to listening and believing what our politicians are telling us about terrorism, unfortunately we have fallen into the trap of believing what we hear.  Not only do our politicians mislead us about terrorism issues, but our media does as well, and for the conservatives it may be hard to chew, but Fox News does not do a better job.
Although there are various forms of terrorism and numerous groups who have carried out terrorism acts during the last thousand or so years, Americans are most familiar with terrorism such as the events on 11 Sept. 2001.  This act of terrorism was committed by Muslims in the name of Islam. It was an 'Islamic based form of terrorism'. The people who murdered over 3,000 innocent people did not do so for their beliefs in Christianity, Judaism, or any other religion. Again they murdered 3000 plus people in the name of Islam.
The terrorism committed by Maj. Hassan (Fort Hood, TX) is another example of Islamic based terrorism. It was not 'workplace violence' as Obama likes to inform everyone.  Maj. Hassan was a very, very dedicated Muslim who carried out an act of terrorism as he had been taught to do for many years at Mosques and by Islamic scholars. Therefore it was Islamic based terrorism.
The deaths by terrorism in Libya of four Americans was just another example of Islamic based terrorism.  The murderers committed these acts in the name of Islam.
Why then will our politicians and media never put the two words together, Islam and Terrorism?  American conservatives and most other Americans knew when the attacks on the Libyan Embassy occurred it was terrorism and not because of an anti Islamic video.  Conservatives like Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh, and a host of others on Fox News were calling it terrorism and Americans wanted Obama and the main stream media to call it terrorism.  Finally after two weeks from the incident in Libya, Obama and the media admitted it was terrorism. My fellow Americans it is no longer acceptable for you to be satisfied for conservative politicians and conservative media to step forward and simply state an act such as Sept. 11th, 2001, Ft. Hood, and the Libya attacks were terrorism.
If we as a country are going to defeat Islamic based terrorism we must begin to have our elected leaders and the media to call the terrorist acts what they truly are. These attacks are committed in the name of Islam. The murderers who commit these attacks are being taught by Islamic scholars and in mosques throughout the world.  The reason we have had thousands of innocent men, women, and children killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, and by individual acts of terrorism is because the ideology of Islam insists that Muslims carry out Jihad in three forms, and all must participate.  The methods are by the 'Tongue, Pen, and Sword'. Islam teaches that if you can't conduct physical Jihad you must engage the enemy by words and through articles. If one can't do this, they must provide financial support for the ones who can.  The least preferred method of support is from the heart. 
We must ask then why do conservatives like Hannity, Beck, O'Reilly, and Limbaugh (and conservative politicians) refuse to link the two words 'Islam and Terrorism' together?  By their ignoring this issue they are hurting our country more than they are helping.  These people do not connect the dots with Islam and terrorism not because they don't know the truth. They do not say 'Islamic based terrorism' because they fear it will hurt their ratings and they fear the reprisals from other media, politicians from both sides of the aisle, and from Saudi Arabia. These people know Saudi Arabia controls the reins of many politicians and executives from the media. 
If you truly want to defeat Islamic based terrorism start contacting your conservative media and politicians and have them label terrorism correctly. It is not just terrorism, it is 'Islamic based terrorism' that is  being taught in the vast majority of mosques in America and carried out by 'Muslims'. 

Article by: Dave Gaubatz, 23 Nov 2012

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