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Dave Gaubatz Educational Newsletter 13 Nov 2012
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The Double Standards of the FBI in the 'Grand Email Case'
(The long standing Feud between the FBI and the CIA)
Although all of the facts are not in, there is one clear thing that has evolved in the General Petraeus love affair.  The leadership of the FBI are making misleading statements about the case and are lying to the American people. 

From the AP: According to two federal law enforcement officials, the FBI initially began a criminal investigation of unsigned, harassing emails that were sent, beginning last May, to Tampa socialite Jill Kelley. She and her husband, Scott, were longtime friends of Petraeus and his wife, Holly. FBI agents traced the alleged cyber harassment to Broadwell and during that process discovered she was exchanging intimate messages with a private Gmail account. Further investigation revealed that account belonged to Petraeus, under an alias.
I was a U.S. Federal Agent (1811) for many years and when this news story initially broke a few days ago it was very apparent things were not as the FBI described.  For one thing it would almost take an 'Act of Congress' to get the FBI to begin an investigation on an alleged 'harassment allegation' via email.  I have received numerous death threats via email and on my phone by Islamic terrorists and their supporters, and I immediately informed the FBI.  This has been several months and no FBI Agent has contacted me with any offers of assistance in trying to track down Islamic terrorists making death threats to a 20 year Air Force Veteran and former Federal Agent.
My first thoughts when the Petraeus story materialized is that the alleged victim (Jill Kelley) of the harassment complaint had to have a 'close personal' friend in the FBI.  Now it is coming out she did indeed have a very close friend. It was this FBI Special Agent who Kelley notified, and according to news sources this close FBI friend of Kelley went to his superiors to have an investigation launched.  There are some reports that the close FBI friend of Kelley was not involved in the investigation of the harassing emails.  Based on my long years of working hand in hand with the FBI, the only way an FBI office would open an investigation into 'harassing emails' is if they were doing the harassed party a favor because they personally know him/her, or if an Agent personally requested the FBI to investigate the matter.  
The 'shirtless' FBI Agent who was a friend of Kelley's would have undoubtedly been informed by Kelley about the involvement of General Petraeus.  This Agent would have informed his superiors of this top officials name and this is what gave the case enough weight to open an investigation.  The FBI is notorious for keeping files on Americans who range from music stars, Hollywood figures, and politicians.  The FBI has also had a long running feud with the CIA and what better way for an Agent to make a name for himself by being the one responsible for starting a negative media campaign against the standing CIA Director?  This is stuff the FBI lives for.  Unlike the CIA, the FBI loves and strives for media attention.  If one does not believe this contact almost any city, county, or state law enforcement department and ask them if the FBI has not swooped in and taken one of their cases when it was apparent the case would make national attention.  The FBI then follows up with reports through the media that 'they' were the ones who made the case!  More than one non- federal law enforcement agency has been duped by the FBI.  
History will soon show the FBI had ulterior motives for opening an active investigation on a 'simple harassment complaint'.  In addition history will show that the FBI did notify the White House very early on in this investigation (well before the 6 Nov 2012 Presidential Election).

Islam is a pseudo religion. It is dangerous and led by Islamic leaders whose objective is to destroy America and Israel.  We currently have a U.S. President who is more aligned with the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood (President Morsi) than he is with the values of our people and country. 
FBI Manual This is the type material CAIR and numerous mosque leaders in America distribute to their worshipers.  I ask, why do our law enforcement agencies and politicians continue to have dealings with the Muslim Brotherhood?  The answer. There is no good reason. Dave Gaubatz