CAIR: America's #1 National Security Threat
Dave Gaubatz Educational Newsletter 6 Nov 2012
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America 'Stuck' With Self Admitted Cocaine User, Socialist, and Jihadist Supporter
If the results stand as the media has reported our country has another four years of 'dictatorship' by a self admitted 'coke-head', socialist, and a confirmed supporter of Islamic Jihadists and their supporters such as CAIR. There is no need for this article to be extensive.  Unlike the media it is not my style simply to ramble on about an issue.  I firmly believe Americans simply want facts and they are very tired of political rhetoric and lies by our media and politicians.

Many conservatives will believe what I am about to say is very truthful, but they will only do so silently.  The facts are Mitt Romney lost this election because: 
  • Our country has more liberals than 'True Americans' (Conservatives).
  • A media that is biased, meaning the vast majority of journalists and news organizations are political pawns of their respective parties.
  • Our country has too many illegal immigrants who may not be allowed to vote, but have an enormous political impact (meaning they are pro-Obama because Obama and his political party allow our country to be overrun with illegals).
  • A large percentage of African Americans are racists. Of course not all, but again many. It has not been kept a secret by the African American populace that they vote for Obama not on political issues, but simply because he is black.
  • We have Islamic based terrorist groups and their supporters who put millions of dollars into the media, politicians 'pockets', and into our public school systems to 'brainwash' our innocent children into believing Islam is a peaceful and tolerant religion.
Now the most important questions.  What is going to happen to our country and can we recover.  The answers are simple. Obama now has freedom to take our country down a dark socialist and non American road.  The next four years have the potential to destroy the beautiful land we know as America. Islamic groups will continue to exploit our country with the help of political leaders as Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Hillary Clinton. 

What can Americans do? This means what can the conservative party do?  We must first begin at home and teach our children to love America, respect the U.S. Constitution, do not be afraid to openly be proud of their religion (Christian/Jewish), be proud of our country's past regardless of how much Obama apologizes for it, and most importantly we must instill in them that loving America means more than just going to school and getting a job. Being an American means getting involved in your community and work toward restoring this great country to what our forefathers meant it to be.  In other words restore this country to the idea America is the greatest and we will not allow it to be destroyed from within.

These next four years will be hard, but Americans will have their country back.  Pray for America because the leaders in power will not.

Islam is a pseudo religion. It is dangerous and led by Islamic leaders whose objective is to destroy America and Israel.  We currently have a U.S. President who is more aligned with the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood (President Morsi) than he is with the values of our people and country.  In Nov 2012 vote for Mitt Romney or we will lose America.  Dave Gaubatz
children Our children deserve better....