CAIR: America's #1 National Security Threat
Dave Gaubatz Counter-terrorism Radio Show 7 Aug 2012
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25 FACTS That Can No Longer Be Ignored
The following 25 Facts are based on Dave Gaubatz's 30 plus years of researching Islamic issues and America's history:
1:  Islam is not a religion. Islam is an economic, military, political, and revolutionary ideology that uses the term religion as a means to achieving their ultimate objectives. The objectives of Islam are to establish an Islamic Ummah (Nation) worldwide and under Sharia law.
2.  Islam is not a religion or ideology of peace and tolerance. Islam from its earliest roots has always been filled with hatred, violence, and intolerance toward anyone or government that is not aligned with Islam.
3.  The Prophet Mohammed of Islam is a pseudo religious figure.  Mohammed was a child rapist and pedophile. He married Aisha when she was only 6 years old. Mohammed encouraged others to follow his example and millions have. The world for 1400 years has had millions of Muslim men who followed their leader Mohammed and became rapists and pedophiles. This trend is happening in 2012.
4.  Sharia law is not compatible with the U.S. Constitution.  One cannot be a true follower of Islam and be a true American. Sharia law and the U.S. Constitution clash.
5.  Based on the fact listed in number 4, no Muslim can be a law enforcement officer, government official, or member of the U.S. Armed Services and have in their heart America first.  Islam always comes first to a 'true' Muslim.
6.  President Obama is our nation's worst President and Commander in Chief.  He adheres more to the beliefs of the Muslim Brotherhood than he does American values.  Obama and his Administration have been responsible for the deaths many of our brave troops lives in Iraq and Afghanistan.
7.  President Obama is a self admitted cocaine user. Based on U.S. government regulations pertaining to our nation's nuclear weapons program, Obama is not qualified to be involved with any aspect of the nuclear weapons program.
8.  President Obama is a follower and friend of terrorists who have targeted the U.S. as their number one enemy. Obama  has strong ties to the founders and members of the terrorist group 'The Weather Underground' (Members included Bill Ayers, Brain Flanigan, Laura Whitehorn and more).
9.  Senator McCain was and is a puppet of the Obama Administration.
10.  Obama and his administration have had a long history with the Council on American and Islamic Relations (CAIR).
11.  CAIR is a part of the Muslim Brotherhood and shares the same beliefs of Al Qaeda, Hamas, the Taliban, and other terrorist organizations in agreeing Israel and America should be wiped off the face of the earth.
12.  America is losing the war on terrorism.  We have a Presidential leader who will not admit Islam is America's number one danger and thus our number one enemy. 
13.  If President Obama wins the election in Nov 2012, we will have lost America to communist liberals and our great country will never recover.
14.  CAIR, ISNA, MAS, MANA, MSA and a host of other Islamic acronyms are one in the same. They are all supporters of Islamic based terrorism.
15.  Saudi Arabia and Pakistan never have and never will be the friends of the U.S.
16.  Imam Siraj Wahhaj, At Taqwa mosque, Brooklyn, NY, is the most dangerous Imam in America.
17.  The IRS is a dangerous puppet of the current administration. Obama and his staff use the IRS to silence the critics of Obama.  
18.  The FBI has many strong American men and women at the street level, but because of their leadership they have been reduced to 'mall cops' in regards to their handling of Islamic based terrorist threats toward our country.
19.  Our first line defenders are the local and state law enforcement agencies. The groups belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood ideology have insured our law enforcement officers do not receive the proper training to protect our country.
20.  Our Colleges and Universities are being targeted by Islamic based terrorist groups and our children are its intended targets.
21.  Liberal Americans are destroying our children's futures.
23.  The vast number of organizations and people who the conservative right population looks to bring the truth about Islam are failing in their jobs.  Example: Most conservative right TV and radio hosts will not admit Islam is our country's number one danger. The ideology of itself itself must be destroyed or it will spread like the worst form of terminal cancer.
24.  There are no Moderate Muslims. Either a person is a practicing Muslim or he/she is a non practicing Muslim. A non practicing Muslim is no more than an Apostate of Islam and therefor the belief there is a Moderate Muslim is false.
25.  Islam cannot be reformed. You can never take Sharia law away from Islam. The Islamic reformers for the most part are simply opportunists who see a fast buck in advocating the reform of Islam.
Based on the above 25 Facts, Dave Gaubatz has the five predictions:
1.  Sadly president Obama will win the election in Nov 2012.  The simple truth is there are more liberals than conservatives, and 94-96% of the African American population will vote for Obama simply because of his color.
2.  Within five years America will become similar to England, Germany, France, and Norway in regards to Islam taking over the country.
3.  There will be many more Maj Hassan (Ft. Hood) type incidents in America. America will become like Israel.
4.  Israel will attack Iran within the next 8 months and unfortunately America will not support our dear friends. Why? Because Obama will be in power.
5.  Our children will continue to be the targets of the liberals and Islamic based terrorist groups.  They will continue trying to control what is taught in public schools, Colleges and Universities.
Note from Dave Gaubatz:
Islam is a pseudo religion. It is dangerous and led by Islamic leaders whose objective is to destroy America and Israel.  We currently have a U.S. President who is more aligned with the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood (President Morsi) than he is with the values of our people and country.  In Nov 2012 vote for Mitt Romney or we will lose America.  Dave Gaubatz
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