CAIR: America's #1 National Security Threat
Dave Gaubatz Counter-terrorism Radio Show 10July 2012
Dave Gaubatz Educational Newsletter 17 July 2012
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Islamic Terrorist Sheik Farook Mohammed, United Muslim Nations International, Rants about Exterminating Israel & America  and makes personal threats against U.S. Citizens

Sheik Mohammed has recently written articles Articles by the Lunatic Sheik Mohammed about his desire to 
establish an Islamic Caliphate worldwide and of course ruled by Sharia law. This raving fool crossed the line when he made personal threats against my friends, associates and myself. This alleged Sheik is a ranting and raving lunatic who does exactly what Islam teaches him to do. He tries to intimidate, harass, and to attempt to put the fear of Allah into their souls. Maybe someone should mention to this lunatic that there is really no Allah and that Islam was formed by a rapist and pedophile who went by the title Prophet Mohammed. 


Sheik Mohammed calls Christianity and Judaism ignorant and false religions that will be wiped from the face of the earth. He further indicates this will be by physical Jihad.

Sheik Mohammed rants about exterminating Israel and America and threatens to kill anyone who stands in the way of Islam.  Sheik Mohammed is a ranting lunatic who firmly believes the American people will simply allow the pseudo religion of Islam to take our beautiful country away from us.  His letters are full of threats to my friends, associates, and myself, and he uses intimidation tactics to silence the people who expose the dangerous ideology of Islam. Sheik Mohammed has forgotten one thing. The America people are the friendliest and most tolerant people on earth, but they are also the people with the strongest desire to protect what is ours.  America is ours and no one or any pseudo religion will take this away from us. Another important thing Sheik Mohammed fails to recognize is that the Jewish people and Israel are our friends and we will support one another against raving lunatics like Sheik Mohammed and his supporters.  
I recently invited Sheik Mohammed to debate me on my counter-terrorism radio show. He wrote back declining to be interviewed. Sheik Mohammed knows Islam is a fraudulent religion and that it was formed by a rapist and pedophile by a man named (Prophet Mohammed). He knows Islam is a violent ideology that has no love for any person or loyalty to any nation. For these reasons he knows he would himself be humiliated in any debate with me or any person knowledgeable about Islam.  Sheik Mohammed firmly believes it is acceptable for lunatics like himself to say he and his followers are going to destroy America, and to say filthy things about Christianity and Judaism and no one will have the nerve to refute him.  

My message to Sheik Mohammed: "You are a coward. You are childish. You are a poor excuse for a human being. You are immature. You are a terrorist. You are a weak man.  You are a 'true' Muslim. You will be defeated" Dave Gaubatz  

I encourage this self promoted Sheik be contacted by Americans who love our country and who will not be terrorized by cowards like Farook Mohammed.  Write him and let him know his threats of terrorism will be squashed like his friends Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. Samir, a friend of mine and former associate in Iraq,  was the man who pulled Saddam from his hole in Iraq. America will never stop until every rat is pulled from their respective holes.  

Sheik Farook Mohammed 
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Note from Dave Gaubatz:
Islam is a pseudo religion. It is dangerous and led by Islamic leaders whose objective is to destroy America and Israel.  We currently have a U.S. President who is more aligned with the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood (President Morsi) than he is with the values of our people and country.  In Nov 2012 vote for Mitt Romney or we will lose America.  Dave Gaubatz