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Sharia Law in U.S. Courts

Memo from Dave Gaubatz: Sharia law is being upheld in U.S. courts and judges, law enforcement officers, and the majority of media outlets are allowing it to happen.  Our authorities must begin to understand that Sharia law and the U.S. Constitution are not compatible. This is not a revelation by Dave Gaubatz, but instead it is exactly what is preached all across America by Imams and Islamic scholars.  If our country's leaders truly wanted to defeat terrorism, they would focus on the Islamic ideology itself and listen to what the Islamic leaders are saying. The Muslim leaders are very patient and it is their goal to spread Islam across the world, form an Islamic Ummah (Nation), and ruled by Sharia law.  As of 8 July 2012, they are winning because we have ignorant elected officials and senior law enforcement who are allowing it to take place.  The so called journalists are just at much at fault because they do not report events that are a danger to our national security. 


From: Islamic Organization of North America

Originally on Yahoo News

Penn Judge Tosses Case in Which Muslim Was Accused of Attacking Atheist


Judge Mark Martin, an Iraq war veteran, threw the case out after ruling that there was insufficient evidence. But then he berated the plaintiff in what appears to be an invocation of Sharia law.

The incident occurred at the Mechanicsburg, Pa., Halloween parade where Ernie Perce, an atheist activist, marched as a zombie Muhammad. Talaag Elbayomy, a Muslim, was accused of attackingPerce. He was arrested by police.

Judge Martin threw the case out on the grounds that there was insufficient evidence, refusing to allow a grainy video of the incident to be entered in. But then he suggested to Perce that Elbayomy was obligated to attack Perce because of his culture and religion. Judge Martin stated that the First Amendment of the Constitution does not permit people to provoke other people. He also called Perce, the plaintiff in the case, a "doofus." In effect, Perce was the perpetrator of the alleged assault, in Judge Martin's view, and Elbayomy the innocent. The Sharia law that the Muslim attacker followed trumped the First Amendment.

Words almost fail.

The Washington Post recently reported on an appeals court decision to maintain an injunction to stop the implementation of an amendment to the Oklahoma state constitution that bans the use of Sharia law in state courts. The excuse the court gave was that there was no documented case of Sharia law being invoked in an American court. Judge Martin would seem to have provided that example, which should provide fodder for the argument as the case goes through the federal courts.

The text of the First Amendment could not be clearer. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof-" It does not say "unless somebody, especially a Muslim, is angered." Indeed Judge Martin specifically decided to respect the establishment of a religion, in this case Islam.

That Judge Martin should be removed from the bench and severely sanctioned goes almost without saying. He clearly had no business hearing the case in the first place, since he seems to carry an emotional bias. He also needs to retake a constitutional law course. Otherwise, a real can of worms has been opened up, permitting violence against people exercising free speech.

It should be noted that another atheist, dressed as a Zombie Pope, was marching beside the Zombie Muhammad. No outraged Catholics attacked him.


Memo from Dave Gaubatz: This was posted on the United Muslim Nation (UMN) site. This is exactly what is taught in U.S. mosques. Muslims do not want our form of democracy. They want Sharia law and only Sharia law. Why then do our leaders fail to understand this? Or do they? 

Democracy VS our Religion Islam


1) To our guests we welcome you to the above topic from the United Muslim Nations feel free to browse around, we are sure you will find something of interest here.

You might wish to pose the same questions to your religious leaders or even invite them here. This is a Must read for Muslims, Christains and Jews.


2) To our Muslim brothers and Sisters: As'salaamu alaikum Wa'rahmatullahi Wa'barakatu 


Firstly to all Muslims around the world the United Muslim Nations (UMN) makes a stern Fatwa condemning the Democratic System: The Holy Quran states with clarity and emphasis "Those who do not govern according to that (Shariah) revealed by Allah, verily, are the Kafiroon (Non-Believers)." Al-Quran "Then, We (Allah) have established you on a Shariah with regard to (your affairs)". Therefore follow it. And do not follow the desires of those who do not know (what they are doing)."