CAIR: America's #1 National Security Threat
Dave Gaubatz Counter-terrorism Radio Show 3 July 2012
Dave Gaubatz Educational Newsletter 6 July 2012
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Death Threats 
On 6 July 2012, I received an email from an unknown person who threatened to kill me if I did not pay him a large sum of money. The email text is pasted below.  I believe the threat to be a scam and I am working several avenues to identify the person.  I request you forward this Newsletter to as many as possible so we can determine if this person has been threatening others. My work exposing the dangers of Islam has apparently upset some people. My advice is to never let these people put fear in you and you should do your utmost to expose their cowardly actions.  The email came from Please contact me with any information you may have and we will identify the person responsible. There is no where in the world he/she will be able to run. The text pertaining to the Death Threat is as follows:

I want you to read this message very carefully and wisely, and then keep the secret with you till further notice. 
I'm a professional; hence you have no need of knowing who I am, where am from, until I arrange for a face to face meeting. I have been duly paid $50, 000.00 in advance to terminate your life for some reasons listed to me by my employer, its one I believe you call a friend. Surreptitiously, I have been following you closely for a month now and have seen that you are innocent of the accusation leveled against you. 
In your best interest, do not contact the Police or try to send a copy of this to any security agents, because if you do, I will certainly know through the impeccable assistance of my secret agents, and will be forced to do what I have being duly paid to do, beside this is the first time I turned out to be a betrayer against the ethic of my profession. 
Now listen, I will arrange for us to see face to face but before that I need the amount of $70,000.00, you have nothing to be afraid of. I will be coming to see you in your Office or Home determine where you wish we meet, do not set any Camera to cover us or set up any tape to record our conversation, my employer is in my control now. You will need to transfer $20, 000.00 to the account I will provide for you, before we will set our first meeting, after you have make the first advance payment to the account, I will provide you with the Tape that contains his request for me to assassinate you, which will be enough proof for you to charge him to Court (if you wish to do so), then the balance will be paid later. 
You don't need my phone contact for now till am assured you are ready to comply, and being silence on this matter is very dangerous. The choice remains yours, and you have the next 72hrs to make that choice, otherwise you will live your limited life watching your back. A word is enough for the wise!