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Dave Gaubatz Counter-terrorism Radio Show 3 July 2012
Dave Gaubatz Educational Newsletter 5 July 2012
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Islam Was Not Hijacked
For many years since the murderous attacks on Sept.11th, 2001, by followers of Islam, the American people have repeatedly been told that Islam has been hijacked. 
This message has been relayed over and over again by U.S. Presidents, religious leaders (non Muslims), and sadly by pseudo counter-terrorism experts in America.  If Americans truly want to know if a person is a counter-terrorism expert  or not they need only to determine their stance on this one Islamic issue. If someone says Islam has been hijacked then you can without any reluctance determine this person does not understand Islam or they are playing the political correctness game. Either way it is a dangerous road to be following.  Islam is Islam. It has been around for over 1400 years and it is unchanged.  1400 years ago Islam was a violent, intolerant, and a danger to millions of people, and today in 2012 it remains the same.  Islam cannot be changed regardless of the numerous Muslims who are allegedly attempting to reform Islam and Sharia. The hatred and violence toward non Muslims and Apostates of Islam has taken place for hundreds of years and will continue to do so until the end of time.
There is only one way to defeat Islam and it is for people to understand we are fighting and must destroy the Islamic ideology itself. We can spend billions of dollars and sacrifice thousands of American troops fighting the Taliban, Hezbollah, Hamas, and Al Qaeda, but it will all be in vain. To win the war on Islamic based terrorism we must understand the Saudis are not our friends and Islam is a dangerous and non religious system.  Our law enforcement, elected leaders and the American public must begin targeting Islam as the enemy.  If we can't do this then we should wave the white flag of defeat.  Respectfully, Dave Gaubatz

FBI Manual
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Jihad In Islam
Acid thrown into the faces of Muslim women by Muslim men for disrespecting Islam..  Islam is a violent religion formed by a pseudo man of God, Prophet Mohammed. Mohammed was a fraud and pedophile.