CAIR: America's #1 National Security Threat
Dave Gaubatz Counter-terrorism Radio Show 26 June 2012
Dave Gaubatz Educational Newsletter 2 July 2012
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The Tea Party in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

On 29 and 30 June 2012, I had the pleasure of meeting the greatest group of 'true' Tea Party members in the United States.  They are located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and are led by Danita and Jack. When I gave my presentation to the Tea Party group I mentioned if we could clone this Tea Party group 1000 times over our country would no longer have national security issues, we would have elected leaders who indeed love and care for our country, and we would not have Islamic leaders trying their hardest to take control of our beautiful America! During my presentation I discussed several issues, but the one I tried to focus on most was the fact based on my research that there are no 'Moderate Muslims'. There are practicing Muslims and non practicing Muslims. Non practicing Muslims are the people we get confused with and refer to them as moderate Muslims. A non practicing Muslim is an Apostate of Islam and in accordance with Sharia law, they are not Muslims. So if the leading Islamic scholars say they are not Muslims, then lets stop making excuses for Islam and agree that a Muslim is one who follows Sharia law 100% and this eliminates the need to refer to a group of people as moderates.  Our country can't afford to have Muslims who adhere to Sharia law in our country. They are a threat to our national security. Islamic leaders have repeated over and over they want to destroy Israel and America. I believe them. That is what they advocate in the mosques throughout America.  It is time we also believe them when they say Sharia law and the U.S. Constitution are not compatible with one another.  Why then do we allow Congressmen like Keith Ellison (Minnesota) to be sworn in with the Quran instead of the Bible?  The ignorance of many of our elected leaders and the ignorance of at least 5 members of the Supreme Court is why it is allowed.  Congressman Ellison and anyone who swears to their allegiance to the Quran is a traitor to our country.  It is only the stupidity of the majority of voters in Minnesota that would allow this to happen. 
Another important question Americans need to ask. If Islamic leaders in America strongly insist Sharia and the U.S. Constitution are not compatible, then why do we allow Muslims in the U.S. military?  Muslims cannot uphold Sharia and the Constitution at the same time.
Since returning from Iraq I have conducted private counter-terrorism research all across America. The security problems with Islam are spreading at an alarming rate in our country. Islam is not a religion (per Islamic leaders) and should not be allowed to even be present in our society.  I have personally conducted research in over 250 mosques in America. Violence, hatred, and the physical and sexual abuse of innocent children and Muslim women is be practiced and advocated.  I would like to form another research team and conduct more extensive research in the 2300 mosques in America.  This type first-hand research is costly. If you would like to assist please donate for the research to continue. Respectfully, Dave Gaubatz
FBI Manual
This book is in the majority of Sunni mosques in America.  To Order: Violent Islamic Books in U.S. Mosques 
Jihad In Islam
Acid thrown into the faces of Muslim women by Muslim men for disrespecting Islam..  Islam is a violent religion formed by a pseudo man of God, Prophet Mohammed. Mohammed was a fraud and pedophile.