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Dave Gaubatz Educational Newsletter 17 June 2012
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Al Qaeda Was In Iraq (2003)
By: Dave Gaubatz 17 June 2012

The below photograph is Mohammed Odeh Al-Rehaeif and Dave Gaubatz shortly after our return from Iraq in 2003. M. Rehaief rescued Private Jessica Lynch and subsequently wrote a book, "Because Each Life is Precious". I had the opportunity to rescue the family members of Mohammed and subsequently  bring them to America. They are not Sharia compliant. This is unlike CAIR and their supporters. CAIR supports the same group (Al Qaeda) that was present in Iraq years before we began the war in 2003. President Bush and his administration had first looked to the CIA to provide intelligence about the connection between Iraq and Al Qaeda. The CIA essentially responded there was no connection. The CIA was wrong. Subsequently Donald Rumsfeld (Secretary of Defense) had intelligence officers from the Pentagon to provide this link. They did, but there was not enough supporting evidence. If Pentagon officials had reviewed our field intelligence reports the link would have been established and there would be no doubts today as to the issue of Al Qaeda being in Iraq. The Ba'ath Party and Al Qaeda had a very close relationship years before we went into Iraq. CAIR executives and their main supporters from Dar Al Hijrah, Falls Church, VA, use the same study materials Al Qaeda uses to train their 'martyrs'. Numerous mosques in America use the same training manuals as Al Qaeda used.  I had said Al Qaeda were established in Iraq in 2003, and they are firmly established in America in 2012. They were overlooked in 2003 and they are being overlooked in 2012.  Who will suffer? America.

This is the book published after Mohammed Odeh Al-Rehaief when he was brought to the U.S. in 2003. Mohammed and his family had provided the intelligence that led to the rescue of Pvt. Jessica Lynch.  Mohammed discusses Al Qaeda in his book. 

CAIR Executive President 

"No Nihad Awad I will not go away. You have underestimated the American people and it will be your terrorist organizations downfall". By the way his true name is  Nehad Hammad.  Respectfully, Dave Gaubatz