CAIR: America's #1 National Security Threat
Dave Gaubatz Educational Newsletter 16 June 2012
Exclusive Article by WND on Dave Gaubatz's New Counter-terrorism Radio Show

Beginning 19 June 2012, at 11am est Dave will begin hosting a radio show based out of Atlanta, Georgia.  No longer will Islam be 'sugarcoated' through the airwaves. Islam is a danger to not only America, but to the world. Many people believe that since we have not had another attack similar to the one on 11 Sept. 2001, we are safe from Islamic based terrorism.  This is false and having a false sense of security can lead to murderous events by Islamic based terrorist groups far greater than on 11 Sept. 2001.  Islam and its counterpart Sharia, has its nasty fingers spread all across our beautiful country. Since 11 Sept. 2001, Sharia law adherence in America has grown ten times over.  Sharia law is the cancer that can kill our country if we the people do not stop it.  Never for a minute think our government will protect you from Sharia law.  There is too much money coming in from Saudi Arabia for our politicians to dare utter negative words about Islam itself.  Sure several journalists and politicians will criticize Al Qaeda and the like, but they will never publicly admit the ideology itself is our enemy.  Dave Gaubatz does  say this and on the radio show the true Islam will be exposed.  Initially the show will be one day a week, but plans are to expand it to 5 days a week.  

WND just released a press release about the counterterrorism show:

Exclusive WND Article about Dave Gaubatz' New Counter-terrorism Radio Show  

The ultimate goal of Islam is to form an Islamic Caliphate across the world and under Sharia law.  The will of the American people are the only ones who can prevent this. Do you have the courage to stand up for America?  No longer can you just listen to the media and sometimes go to a presentation by a counter-terrorism expert and believe you are doing enough.  Educate yourself about Islam and you will understand destroying Al Qaeda is not the solution. The solution is to destroy the ideology, culture, and myth of Islam.  Dave Gaubatz
CAIR Executive President 

"No Nihad Awad I will not go away. You have underestimated the American people and it will be your terrorist organizations downfall". By the way his true name is  Nehad Hammad.  Respectfully, Dave Gaubatz