CAIR: America's #1 National Security Threat
Dave Gaubatz Educational Newsletter 14 June 2012
Dave Gaubatz to Host New Radio Show Beginning 19 June 2012: 'Dave Gaubatz Counter-terrorism Show'  Every Tuesday
at 11am est. The goal is to extend the show to five days a week.


Ten Facts about Islam and Islamic Based Terrorism That Few are Aware Of:
1.  Islam is a political & revolutionary system and not a religion.  This statement 
is in many Islamic materials obtained during Dave's research of over 250 mosques 
in America.
2.  In Apr 2008 (7 months prior to the Presidential elections), President Obama's 
staff members visited CAIR National Executives at CAIR National, Washington DC.  
CAIR is a sponsor of Islamic based terrorism and an offspring of Hamas.
3.  Child marriages are still allowed under Sharia law. The marriages occur
not only in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, but inside America.
4.  CAIR has only about 5300 members, but they receive assistance from 
numerous elected officials (some listed in our book 'Muslim Mafia'.
5.  Slavery is allowed in Sharia law.  Slavery is still active in Saudi Arabia.  
6.  Although officially the FBI has been told to have no contact with CAIR, 
they still maintain an active relationship as of 2012.
7.  There are 35 Jammat Ul Fuqra Islamic compounds in America.  
Although they are a dangerous group they have one thing in common
 with Dave Gaubatz. They know CAIR is not a leader and supporter of the 
Muslim people. CAIR has stolen thousands of dollars from Jammat Ul Fuqra
 and several of their members have sued CAIR.  Who did they contact to
 obtain sworn affidavits from them to present in court? 
The answer: Dave Gaubatz  
8.  Publicly Islamic leaders will tell you that Islam is a religion of peace.  
There is one Imam (Siraj Wahhaj/Brooklyn, NY) who will tell you the truth. 
Dave Gaubatz has an audio recording of Wahhaj telling his worshipers that
 Islam does indeed demand violence against anyone slandering Islam or alleged to oppress Islam.
9.  Islam cannot be reformed.  You can no more take Sharia law out of Islam
 than you could take the Ten Commandments out of Christianity and still call it Christianity.
10. There are no moderate Muslims. Either a Muslim adheres to Sharia law 
100% or they are an Apostate. When a Muslim begins to call for peace within
 Islam and wants to disregard the violent aspects of Sharia, this person is no
 longer considered a Muslim and is subject to death in accordance with Islam. 



Our troops have done more for the Muslim people than CAIR or any of the other 
acronyms have ever done to help the Muslim people. If it is not a high profile case
or money making case, these organizations do not want to help the average Muslim 
or his/her family.