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Dave Gaubatz Educational Newsletter 9 June 2012

The Martyrs of Islam 

By: Dave Gaubatz

1st U.S. Civilian Federal Agent in Iraq (2003)


When one thinks of a martyr, he or she normally thinks of someone who gave their life in support of their country. When Islamic terrorist groups define martyr they are not referring to any particular country or government. They are thinking only what is in the best interest of Allah, and Islam. Seldom do Islamic references in regards to martyr's suggest anything but dying in the way of Allah by fighting their oppressors and enemies.


There will be some Islamic scholars who will argue there are other methods aside from physically fighting their enemies in which a person can be a martyr, but I will focus on the 25 years of counter-terrorism research I have conducted throughout the Middle East, UK, and Canada. My team and I have visited in excess of 250 Islamic Centers in the U.S. alone, and numerous more worldwide.


The material being distributed in over 80% of Islamic Centers in America reveal the word Jihad and Martyr refer to physical fighting (military type) and giving ones life during the fight with the enemy. 


According to Islamic scholars (yes even ones inside America) martyrs are scattered all throughout Afghanistan and Iraq. They are the ones who killed over 4,000 of our young men and women.  Islamic scholars inside America call these people martyr's.  In reality they are misguided thugs who met their death when confronted with the might of America.


When you see 'green flags' on a Muslim's grave it is a representation that person is a martyr for the cause of Islam.


Over the years I have researched thousands of Islamic materials.  I obtain my materials directly from the sources, which are the Islamic leaders themselves.  One such book I highly recommend for anyone wanting to know the military strategy of some of Islam's most famous martyr's are in the book 'Commanders of The Muslim Army'.


A question readers may ask an Islamic leader when they get an opportunity is how can a tolerant, peaceful, and gentle religion such as Islam have a Muslim Army? Islamic leaders will tell you Prophet Mohammed had armies 1400 years ago and they exist today, and will exist until the end of times.  If this is true, and I say lets take CAIR, ISNA, MSA, MANA and the host of other Islamic acronyms for their word, then can they have an army and still have a non profit organization. I ask readers do they know of any other non profit organization that is allowed by Congress and the IRS to have a tax exempt status and other allowances.  For a good laugh contact the IRS and tell them you are starting a non profit organization and your organization has a standing armed military and will undoubtedly have future martyrs.  Only in America do we allow a so called religion (Islam) have an army and reek financial benefits from the American citizens who are considered their enemy and oppressors.  God Bless America!  

Just one of the many Islamic books in my library
Jihad In Islam