CAIR: America's #1 National Security Threat
Dave Gaubatz Educational Newsletter 8 June 2012
Arab Muslims Discriminate & Murder Black Muslims

Oh the great, tolerant, peaceful, and holy Quran.  From within the hundreds of pages and kind words how could there possibly be discrimination and murder within Islam? First of all the Quran nor Islam is a great, tolerant, kind or holy anything.  Discrimination takes place at an alarming rate within Islam, yet Islamic leaders will preach Islam is for all races and cultures.  The Islamic leaders are lying to Muslims and non Muslims alike.  Lying is not an uncommon trait within Islam and is closer to the truth about Islam than any other adjective.
In Sudan alone the 'Janajweed' (Arab Muslim militia and terrorist of Sudan) have killed over 300,000 Black Muslim men, women, and children.  The Janjaweed have killed them and continue to discriminate against them because of one reason.  They are not Arab Muslim.  The Arab Muslim do not believe black or white Muslims are truly Muslim.  I have had numerous conversations with Arab Muslims from Saudi, Jordan, Iraq, and the U.S. to name a few, and the overriding feeling is that black and whites are within the folds of Islam, they are inferior to the Arab Muslim.  They are looked at with disdain and literally slaughtered throughout the world by Arab Muslims.   Many black Muslims are still sold and traded as slaves by the Arab Muslims, specifically in Saudi Arabia (not a fact you will be informed about by any main stream media, to include Fox News).
People may now be asking then why do organizations such as CAIR employee a white Muslim (Douglas Hooper) to be there public relations spokesperson.  Readers should not be fooled to believe CAIR National does not have internal discrimination.  During our CAIR research project and during more of my research we have came across documented information that CAIR National has discriminated against the Shia Muslims.  CAIR is an arm of Hamas. The Executive Director is Nihad Awad.  I have been informed by many Arab Muslims that although they will recruit black and white people into Islam, they do so for propaganda purposes.  By allowing a white Muslim (Hooper) to be a senior leader within the Hamas group legitimizes their organization to naive elected leaders and corporations.  
Arab Muslims have discriminated against, enslaved, and killed black Muslims (any other races) for 1400 years, and they will continue until the end times.  Saudi Arabia will ensure this mission is carried out.  Nothing happens in the Islamic world without the knowledge and sanction of this land of hate.