CAIR Is A Supporter Of Islamic Based Terrorism Against America
Dave Gaubatz Educational Newsletter
8 June 2012
Surviving a WMD Attack From Islamic Terrorists

Most readers may feel the Islamic terrorists do not have the capability at this time to carry out a significant attack in America.  The readers who feel this way are wrong.  You have to think outside the boundaries of conventional thinking on this subject.  Does Al Qaeda have a nuclear weapon or what is referred to commonly as a suitcase nuclear bomb?  Is it possible they have obtained one from a nuclear superpower such as Russia?  Islamic terrorists already have the desire and will to carry out a WMD attack.  They have made this known through their many Islamic leaders scattered across the world, and yes even in America.  There are organizations and people inside our country who have expressed their desire to have America under Sharia law.

Islamic terrorists do not need to use a nuclear device to cause havoc.  They do have the needed materials to build biological and/or chemical weapons.  It is my professional opinion biological weapons is their next weapon of choice.  The ingredients for biological warfare are readily available on the open market.
What would this mean to you if your city is attacked?  A biological weapon could kill or seriously harm hundreds of thousands of people using only a small dosage.  Do you believe our government at any level is prepared to deal with such a disaster?  Do you feel you are prepared to endure such an attack (if you are one of the lucky to survive)?  
There are two things an attack would mean to you. One, you would be alone without an infrastructure to protect you.  Two, you would be solely responsible for protecting your family.  Are you prepared?
I am going to list a few criteria I professionally feel you must begin to accomplish if you are to be one of the few who can protect and care for your families during a significant terrorist attack such as biological warfare.
1.  Be self sufficient in your home in regards to food, water, and security.  Some people suggest a 3 day supply. I recommend a minimum of 30 days, but ideally one year. (Do not think your government is going to be up and running in a matter of days)
2.  Have medical supplies to treat the common illnesses such as colds, headaches, pain, cuts, and fractures.  You should ensure members of your family have basic emergency medical training.  There are many books available that can benefit you in working with basic first aid.
3.  Obtain an emergency radio (CB/Ham) type for emergency communication.
By adhering to the above please remember it is only a basic remedy for supporting your family in a crisis.  But, by doing the above you will be 95% more prepared than most Americans.

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 The Obama Administration Supports The Islamic Ideology More Than  The American Ideology. "No Mr. Obama, our country was not built on    Islamic values". Dave Gaubatz