Violent Islamic Material In A Mosque Near You
Dave Gaubatz Educational Newsletter 7 June 2012

maududiIslamic Jihad & Sharia Material In A Mosque Near You!

How do Islamic scholars and Imams get their messages to their worshippers? Do they in 2012 stand up in front of their worshippers and call for treason, sedition, and physical Jihad?  Of course not. This is how they did it before 11 Sept. 2001, but the Islamic leaders are not ignorant, as most people think. In contrast the leaders are very well educated and know our laws better than the average non Muslim American.


Although the Islamic leaders do not stand in front of their podiums today and call for physical Jihad, they still do so, but through the materials they make available.  Over the past decade I have obtained thousands of pieces of books, audio tapes, and DVD's.  Most of these items were made in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and with the lectures in America.  The materials are readily available to the Muslim people.  They are in the mosques and Islamic centers. In addition many Imams refer their worshippers to Islamic bookstores in America that carry materials calling for treason, sedition and physical Jihad.


I am now providing some of these materials to the public.  Go to my Islamic bookstore for a review of the items. I will be having many, many more in the upcoming weeks. Review some of the titles and pictures below. Dave Gaubatz 




A series of tapes by Imam Siraj Wahhaj. The titles explain how extreme his lectures are.


By the extremist Syed Qutb. A must have to understand the true Islam      Link To Dave's Islamic Bookstore

From Pakistan. A very good book to understand Sharia

One of the best Islamic Books that explains Sharia and Physical Jihad

This is an outstanding reference book on various Islamic issues      Link To Dave's Islamic Bookstore