Dave Gaubatz
Educational Newsletter
4 June 2012
Dave Book

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder Criminalizes the Slander of Islam


This is a test drill only. Eric Holder has not yet called for this action against Americans and against our Constitution.  But, many of you reading this were not really surprised to see such a headline.  Many Americans are wondering not if but when will the government take a serious step and criminalize the slander of Islam.  There has already been talk of this subject at the highest levels of government and by the manner in which Islam is sugarcoated by the Obama Administration.


It is my hope that readers will not dismiss the real possibility of some type criminalization of slandering Islam taking place this decade.  There are left wing liberals who would have me in prison right now for continuously saying Prophet Mohammed was a fraud and the Islamic ideology is not only violent, it is dangerous to our country and our future.  Evidence that proves this does not matter to the left.


I encourage everyone to follow a peaceful process (which irritates CAIR and their supporters) and take every chance they get to educate the American public on the violent nature of Islam and its leaders.  Do so now because there may come a time in the near future when you will have to take the underground route to discuss the facts of Islam.


From Mufti Usmani:

  • *         "Jihad is obligatory against hostile, non-compromising, non-Muslim states if Muslims have enough power to carry it out, so that their force is broken and they do obstruct the preaching of Islam". 
  • *         "Jihad is permissible while the real purpose of Jihad is propagation of Islam, which means 'To establish the supremacy of Islam and damage the authority of the infidels"