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2 June 2012 davegaubatz@gmail.com
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What makes a Politician Support Islamic Terrorist Groups?


Why would Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Keith Van Hollen, Keith Ellison, Barrack Husain Obama, Sheriff Lee Baca, and Eric Holder to name just a few, support Islamic based terrorist groups who are hell bent on the destruction of America?


For many years I have used the three 'I' formula.  One has to either be incompetent, ignorant, or in bed politically or financially with the group. Regardless of which 'I' applies to a specific politician, our country does not need that person in office. It is time he/she retires and obtains a job with the Islamic terrorist organization they support. At least this way they are being honest to themselves and to our country even if what they are doing is treasonous.


We are living in a dangerous time.  The realistic likelihood an Islamic terrorist will possess a weapon of mass destruction is increasing everyday.  A group such as Al Qaeda may already have obtained these weapons.  We have CAIR, ISNA, MSA, and MANA inside America who use our laws to enhance their ability to support Al Qaeda and Hamas, to name a couple.  These groups should be abolished by the political leaders we have elected, but you are more likely to see a politician at one of their fundraisers than you ever would at one of your town hall meetings. 


I am not a politician and I am not affiliated with any non profit organization.  I have no fear of reprisal from informing you that in Nov 2012, you must vote the above type people out and put Mitt Romney type people in.  This is not to say Mitt Romney is the answer to our problem with Islamic groups, but he is damn sure better than our Bill Ayers loving Commander in Chief! Dave Gaubatz