Dave Gaubatz Newsletter 1 June 2012
Dear Friends,
It may come as a surprise to you, but our current administration does not have a war on terrorism. We have pseudo wars going on that will achieve nothing.  Who suffers? Our brave young men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Shhhh! You aren't being told the truth......

Shhhhh! They don't want you to know this little secret

By: Dave Gaubatz


Everyone knows the government doesn't tell Americans everything that goes on behind the scenes of our super government infrastructure.  For 24 years I worked 'these super spooky projects' and for the most part Americans would be bored to death if they had to be involved in 99% of these 'special projects'.  Now the 1% that Americans are never, ever, never, ever told about is ones the average American should be informed about.


In this article I want bore the readers speaking about nuclear, biological, chemical, espionage, or the neutralization of people who lose their friendship with the U.S. Government.  Oh this could fill volumes of books and book junkies would spend hours intrigued about the realities of what goes on with our nuclear weapons. They would be surprised to know that the nuclear weapons on many of our U.S. bases are not as secure as the government wants you to believe.  If I were to tell you that a team of former U.S. government employees could have access to nuclear weapons in a matter of a few hours and have them in the hands of our enemies, people would laugh and say it can't be true.  Without spending a lot of time on this issue I will tell you it is true and while I was a U.S. Federal Agent we conducted test on the ease of obtaining chemical, nuclear, and biological weapons from our own military installations.  It is actually quite an easy task.


Enough about nuclear weapons and neutralizing spies who have lost their trust and friendship, or just usefulness with the U.S. Government.  Let's talk about something that is so politically incorrect, that I will be blasted by both the right and left. First I will tell you in reality there is no real war on terrorism. We will go round and round with Libya, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait.... and 20 years from now we will go around and around again.  Readers must understand wars make money for powerful people and put the middle class people into higher paying jobs.  Regardless if many of the products made by these war machines fail a large percentage of their technical tests.  Who are the losers in the round and round wars?  Your children.  Over and over for centuries the poor and middle class have sacrificed their children so the powerful can become more powerful.


If there were truly a war on terrorism we would not have 'safe haven's' on U.S. Military Installations and on Capitol Hill.  Before people begin to slam me give me two minutes to go through my spill on good and bad Muslims. Yes there are good people, who call themselves Muslims, but in reality these good people do not follow Sharia law 100%, and therefore these 'good people' are not actually Muslims. They are Apostates.  Ask Yusef Estes (Hypocritical former Christian Minister who 'reverted' to Islam) who now considers his best friends Muslims who have attempted to kill innocent Americans. One of his friends is Ali Al Timimi. Two years ago I was conducting undercover research at Dar Al Hijrah Islamic Center (Wahhabi Land).  I met the Imams of this mosque and had a long conversation with Yusef Estes. During my undercover research at Dar Al Hijrah I spent over two weeks speaking with the leaders, Estes, numerous worshippers, and reviewed the numerous manuals at this mosque and at their 'Wahhabi' bookstore (Halalco/Falls Church, Va).Per the norm I had my audio and camera on when speaking with Estes.  He told me more 'little secrets' than most FBI Agents or congressmen could obtain in 10 years.


One of Estes's friends is CAIR's 'Man of The Year' Imam Siraj Wahhaj, Brooklyn, NY.  I have listened to hundreds of hours of Wahhaj lectures and visited his mosque in Brooklyn on several occasions.


Readers should not be surprised that in mosques, in Islamic bookstores, or through the internet that Muslims can buy material that calls for killing innocent men, women, children, and calls for sedition against the U.S. Government. Wahhaj has said Muslims are the "most strategically placed Muslims" in the world, because the U.S. Government can't bomb them in Brooklyn, Florida..."  This is true...is it not?


I will leave the reader pondering all these little secrets the U.S. Government keeps from the American public.  I served in Federal Service over 24 years, held our country's highest clearances, have seen virtually every nuclear weapon, was hand picked to be the first 1811 Federal Agent to enter Iraq, and was an Arabic linguist.  Now I will tell you the little secret that is not even classified.  On every U.S. Military installation the Muslim worshippers have the same materials that are located in the 'Wahhabi Corridor', on the internet, and the Muslim military people are encouraged to adhere to Sharia law (which includes physical Jihad) before they support the U.S. Government.  One last little secret: Major Hassan (Ft. Hood) was doing what he had been trained to do and from materials the U.S. Government allowed him to have on Ft. Hood.


We have the best country in the world, but we are allowing the Islamic ideology to spread across America and our government leaders know this is happening.  It will take the courage of the American people to stop the spread of this cancerous ideology.  Start with your children. Educate them. They are the future.




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