Dave Gaubatz Newsletter 1 June 2012
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charety and stef
These two ladies were my researchers in the CAIR Project (Muslim Mafia). They are Christians who I trained to be Sharia compliant and to get to the top levels of CAIR National. 
Islamic leaders are very effective in deceiving both our religious and political leaders. They use the deceptive practice of Interfaith meetings which in reality are just propoganda programs financed by Saudi Arabia.

Many Islamic Centers and organizations conduct 'Interfaith' meetings. Are the Muslim representatives deceiving the Christian and Jewish leaders?


Many Islamic scholars have stated, "War is a Deception". Readers should review the Sunni books of Al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim.  Deception is the means of employing a strategy which causes misunderstanding to the enemy, and one's real intent does not become evident to them. This is permissible in Islam in the state of war.


It is vitally important more so for the often well intended ministers, preachers, bishops, priests, rabbis, and any non- 'Pure Muslim' ideologists to know you are considered an enemy of the Islamic Jihadists. Osama Bin Laden is an example of the thousands of scholars who share his ideology. Laden and his supporters are at war with anyone who does not adhere to Sharia law in its entirety and who do not have it in their heart to form an Islamic nation worldwide. Jihadists will use every means available to them to deceive their enemy. While working counter-terrorism/counter-intelligence, or even counter-narcotics, our tactics/strategy to turn someone into an informant/source for us was to go after the weakest link that had the best access. Christian and Jewish leaders are the weakest links for Islamic scholars/leaders.  They also have the most access.  If they meet with an Imam and fall into their 'deceptive' trap, they will in turn convince their worshippers to believe the Islamic ideology is peaceful.


It often troubles me to hear Christian ministers deny the objectives of Islam. Is there no Baptist minister, LDS (Mormon) Bishop, Catholic Priest, or Jewish Rabbi, that would not want every person worldwide to turn to their respective ideology and religion? The Christians use missionaries, Muslims use trained 'Dawah' (propagation of Islam) members. Would the Pope not want every person worldwide to accept the Catholic belief as the one true religion? Ask him.


One of the best examples of Muslims deceiving non Muslims is the Islamic Center of Washington DC, 2551 Massachussetts Ave, NW, Washington, DC. I have visited this center several times and Jihadist material is distributed in abundance. Abul Maududi, Syed Qutb, and many manuals stamped by the Saudi Govt. that advocate physical Jihad against non Muslims. To this day it amazes me our U.S. Secret Service conduct pre-assessment of locations our Presidents will visit, and inside the very halls our President will walk are manuals advising worshippers to kill leaders of governments who do not follow Sharia law. I have interviewed the mosques library personnel and they have recommended such material.  The Islamic Center of DC, CAIR, scholars such as Siraj Wahhaj, and dozens more are nothing more than Saudi paid 'PR Machines' and Jihadist recruiters.


During these 'Interfaith' meetings even with our U.S. Presidents, the supporters of terrorist groups are wittingly and unwittingly recruiting our own leaders. Does CAIR not have former President Jimmy Carter in their back pocket? CAIR is a formal distributor of his books!


It is vitally important the following quote from the Jamaat Islamic

Leader (Sayyid Mawdudi) made about the task of forming a country

into an Islamic State.

"We should acquire the practice of working slowly and steadily. Even if

we are entrusted with a task which seems relatively unimportant, we

should set ourselves to its accomplishment without seeking immediate

results or looking for praise even though it might take the whole of our

life time. In the Jihad in the way of Allah, active combat is not always

the rule on the battlefield, nor can everyone fight in the front line. Just

for one single battle preparations have often to be made for decades

on end and the plans deeply laid, and while only some thousands fight

in the front line, there are behind them millions engaged in various

tasks which, though small in themselves, contribute directly to the

supreme effort. The objective of Islamic Jihad is to put and end to the

dominance of the un-Islamic systems of government and replace them

with Islamic rule, Islam intends to bring about this revolution not in

one country or in a few countries but in the entire world."


Patience is a virtue in Islam unlike any religion. It pertains to social,

economical, politics and war (physical Jihad). The preferred method of

obtaining an Islamic State is through political change when possible,

and physical Jihad is utilized when this process fails. Currently in

America, Islamic scholars and organizations are striving to insure

America slowly concedes to the demands of Muslims who advocate an

Islamic State.


This does not mean there are not Muslims living in the U.S. who do not

want to live under an Islamic state; most do not. They are seldom

heard and are silenced by the huge Islamic organizations and scholars

who say they speak for them.


To sum it up: Saudi Arabia pumps millions of dollars into the U.S. every year for Interfaith purposes. It is simply a tool to deceive the American public, its leaders (both religious and political) into believing Islam is a tolerant and peaceful religion.  We must not fall into this trap.  Islam has always used force (Jihad) when they are strong, and will again do so as they have for 1400 years.




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