Dave Gaubatz Newsletter 1 June 2012 www.gaubatzintel.com
DAVE'S Islamic Bookstore Has Opened
Dear Friends,
Dave has researched thousands of Islamic books, Dvd's, CD's etc... and other material related to Islam.  He is offering some of these for your educational pursuit of understanding the 'True' Islam and not what CAIR and the main stream media want you to believe.
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A handful are online for preview. Go to the link. This is an Ebay store (Islamic Materials). Contact me if you have any questions. Hundreds more are being added.
Our Country and Children are suffering because of Political Correctness.  Islam is not a peaceful religion.  Islam has spread violence for over 1400 years. Islamic scholars are advocating violence in many U.S. mosques. In Nov 2012 we have a chance to elect new leaders who must put our country and its security as their number one goal.  Dave Gaubatz