The USDA NRCS East National Technology Support Center is pleased to offer the following webinar topics in 2014.  

  • Start time for these webinars is 2pm Eastern / 11am Pacific.  
  • Information needed to participate is available at the Science and Technology Training Library about 30 days prior to the scheduled presentation date.  
  • The webinars are open to the public, and they will be archived. 
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Webinar Topics
Jan 29
Addressing Resource Concerns: Evaluating, Documenting, and Reporting Progress using NRCS' New Land Use Planning Criteria
Feb 26
Overview and Recent Updates of Engineering Field Tools
Mar 26
Wetland Restoration Hydrology and Design Overview
Apr 30
Writing a Seeding Plan for Conservation Practices: Critical Areas, Natives and More
May 28
Effectiveness of Herbaceous Weed Control Methods/Techniques on Forest Invasives
Jun 25
Forage Mixes and Cover Crops for Grazing Management
Jul 30
Planning Considerations for Confined and Other Animal Feeding Operations
Aug 27
Solar-powered Water Systems for Grazing Operations
Sep 24
Basic Pump and Pipeline Design
Oct 29
Planning and Design of Stream Crossings
Nov 19
Fencing for Livestock and Improved Pasture Management

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