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2013 Webinar Schedule
Jan 30 - Stream Simulation Culvert Design and Performance: A USFS Perspective


Feb 05 - Multiple-Species Grazing for Sustainable Farming*  

Feb 27 - How GIS Can Help You Plan and Design Projects

Mar 13 - How and What Social Media is Being Used in Natural Resource Outreach

Mar 27 - Soil Health Management Systems: Using NRCS Practice Standards

Apr 02 - Integrating Livestock into Cropping Systems on Sustainable Farms*

Apr 09 - Climate Change Beliefs, Perceived Risks, and Support for Adaptation...among Corn Belt Farmers

Apr 24 - Cover Crop Mixes: Getting the Cover Crop You Want

May 08 - Outreach: What Social Factors "Sell" Landowners on Agroforestry Practices

May 29 - Planning and Design of Stream Crossings

Jun 04 - Orchard Floor Management in Organic Systems*

Jun 13 - Permanent Wetlands: Regulating Water Levels to Control Nuisance Species

Jun 26 - Planning and Design of Livestock Watering Systems

Jul 11 - Managing Your Insect Allies: Conservation of Native Pollinators and Predators

Jul 31 - Lessons Learned from Natural Stream Restoration/Enhancement

Aug 06 - Crop Rotations on Diversified Farms*

Aug 08 - Managing Wildlife Habitat Connectivity to Reduce Negative Impacts

Aug 28 - Small-scale Micro-irrigation Design and Components

Sep 25 - Conservation Crop Rotations in Vegetable Production Systems

Oct 01 - Pastured Poultry and Conservation Planning*

Oct 30 - Roof Runoff Management: Planning & Design of Water Harvesting Systems

Nov 20 - Addressing Energy Resource Concerns in Conservation Planning

Dec 03 - Sustainable Production Using Year-Round High Tunnels* 

* Co-sponsored by the West National Technology Support Center and Oregon Tilth
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