November 2014

Can You Hear the Difference?

Not only does Sonos provide HiFi full theater sound to your TV with a Playbar, but Sonos is also a smart system of HiFi wireless speakers and audio components. It unites your digital music collection in one App that you can control from many devices.  Play what you want with perfect sync in every room - no skips, delays or drops! Sonos is a simple set-up since there is no rewiring and no complex programming.  Your Sonos speakers can be placed anywhere in your house.  It connects to your home WiFi network using an insightful Sonos App.  You can listen to iTunes, stream music services, or listen to radio stations from around the world.   Whatever your jam, Sonos has you covered!

Install one speaker, or one in every room to experience the ultimate in sound for the most experienced music connoisseur.  Customers can start with Play:3 or Play:5 and add a Sub and Playbar over time.  Each of these components will help give you the most extreme sound experience! 

The Sonos Controller App allows you to browse and play your music from any device.  By using your smartphone, tablet, or computer you can stream different songs in each room, group rooms together, or have each room playing the same music.  Sonos is compatible with iTunes, podcasts, radio stations, Spotify, Pandora, and the new Deezer App, to name a few.

Deezer Now Available with Sonos!

Although Deezer has been in existence for 7 years, and available in over 180 different countries, they are just now entering the U.S. market.  As of September 15, U.S. customers have access to the Deezer Elite through an exclusive partnership with Sonos.  The Deezer Elite promotional price of $120.00 (prepaid) for a year, or $14.99 per month is available when purchasing a Sonos product.  As an added bonus, Sonos owners will have access to a 30 day free trial.  Moseley Electronics has partnered with Deezer to be able to offer you this special promotional pricing for a limited time.  If you are an existing Sonos customer, please contact Brian at Moseley Electronics to set up your new Deezer Elite account.  These Deezer prices are only available through Moseley Electronics as a vendor, so make sure you call today!  This is a great present for the music lover on your list!

Deezer has a catalog of 35 million studio quality songs in a 16-bit FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec).  Deezer has a targeted market of over 20 million people worldwide who refer to themselves as audio enthusiasts.  Once you've experienced the crisp, clear concert like quality of Deezer, you will never want to listen to a CD or Radio again!

The more you listen, the more Flow learns your tastes, the better the recommendations. Deezer Elite notes when you add favorites to your library.  Let the Deezer Editors know when you love or hate a track.  They curate the hottest tracks and their smart technology matches them to your tastes.  It's recommendations at their best!

Take total control of your home listening experience with the Sonos Controller App and Deezer Elite!  Built for your smart phone, tablet and desktop it connects you to all the music on earth, all over your home.  Play, Control, and Explore your music your way! Call us and let our experts connect you to the most amazing sound experience you can imagine!

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