September 2014

Let Us Be Your Helping Hand 

Moseley Electronics is your helping hand for "Back to School" needs.  Did you know that  the Wi-Fi and cellular signal in your home and office can be boosted?  We can also help organize your digital storage needs for photos, videos, music and other files by installing a NAS Drive. 

Let us be your helping hand in getting your home or office running more efficiently!  Moseley Electronics...we do so much more than you think!

Boost Your Wi-Fi and Cellular Signal

With many students now using school issued Chrome Books and Tablets, it is imperative to make sure the Wi-Fi signal in your home is strong enough to ensure quality internet access for all users.  Some areas in your house may have weak Wi-Fi spots that need to be boosted.  We can correct this for you!

Moseley Electronics can also boost your cell signal in your home or office.  Everyone has experienced the frustration of poor cellular reception and dropped calls.  Make certain that your home and workspace will be covered.  A Cellular Booster is a product that enhances the cellular reception for a better signal and connection, and can cover an area the size of a personal workspace up to 10,000 square feet. 

Network Storage Device 

Let us help you store, organize, and manage all of your files and media in one place.  You can access your information from a smartphone or tablet, anywhere at anytime.  Have some photos or recipes you want to share from your computer, but you're not home?  Simply use the MyCloud App and retrieve your information using a Smart phone or Tablet.  We can install the NAS (Network Attached Storage) Drive,  and show you how easy it is to simplify your digital life today!

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