August 2014


INVESTMENTSLightning and Power Surges a Necessity to protect your HDTV
Tired of holding your breath when you lose power?  Everyone knows the sinking feeling of experiencing a power surge and finding out they have lost a television,satellite, phone service, or internet during a storm. 
We can install affordable whole house surge protection for your home.  Who wouldn't want to protect their investments?
Let Moseley Electronics be your solution!

What We Offer

We can offer you peace of mind in protecting your electronics, and get you back online after a power surge in your home. 

Tired of having to unplug and reboot your router?  Our system can sense an internet outage, and will automatically reboot your modem and router without having to contact Comcast or Verizon for help. 

No one wants to file an insurance claim and pay a deductible for damaged electronics.  Be proactive and protect your investments!  Call us today at (804)379-1348, or click here to schedule an appointment for affordable whole house surge protection!

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