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Spotlight on Magazines & Newspapers:


Have you ever gone to a party and realized you don't have much to say? Or perhaps table talk at dinner has fallen flat as soda left open overnight. You've simply already told all of your interesting stories. Fear not. The wautoma-magazines-1 Wautoma Public Library has just what you need to make conversation sparkle again. This summer refresh your banter with magazines and newspapers. The library carries close to 100 different magazine and newspaper titles filled with bite-sized articles on a range of subjects from crafts, finance, food, style, garden, sports, health, current news, celebrity fluff, animals, music, games, and more. All titles (save the current month's issue which can be read in-house) are available for check-out. Armed with these wautoma-magazine-2 troves of knowledge and trivia you will never need to talk solely about the weather anymore. Please take a little time to visit the library and browse our selection. Our staff has worked hard to choose titles for children and adults, for men and women. However, we are open to new title suggestions and value community input. Likewise, titles we do not own can be placed on hold from other libraries and delivered to Wautoma for your check-out convenience. Don't miss out on this often overlooked gem of the library. Be informed; be entertained; read-on.


-Nicole Overbeck,

Wautoma Public Library Director 


"Dig Into Reading" Summer Reading Program


Our Summer Reading Program goes from June 3rd until July 20th. Youth sign-ups begin on the 3rd of June. Teens and adults do not have to sign up, but can fill out a book recommendation card for our weekly prize drawings. Recommendation cards are available at the library.


As an added bonus, Edvest, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, and the Green Bay Packers have partnered with our library. Youth summer reading participants ages 13 and under can enter for a chance to win a $1000 Edvest college savings account and 4 tickets to the Green Bay Packers Family Night. Forms are available at the library on a first come, first served basis with a limit of one per child.


In preparation, the children's room is decorated like an underground cave to help youngsters with our theme "dig into reading." Make sure to mark your calendars because you don't want to miss any of our wonderful events!


Wed. June 12, 19, 26: Camp Parkside Kindness Zone, Exploration Stations at 10:30am. Plus on June 26th the UW-Extention 4-H will also be present to do a special "I Spy" craft. For details, please click here.

Thu. June 13: Daryl Rogers, Magician, Dig into the History of Magic at 5pm. For details, please click here.

Thu. June 20: Black Hawk Folk Society, We Dig Music at 4pm.  For details, please click here. 
Thu. June 27: Ms. Frizzle and her Magic School Bus, at 4:30pm. For details please click here.
Thu. July 11: Ryan Radke, Magician Extraordinare, at 4pm. For details please click here.

Thu. July 18: Susan Courter, Geologist, Everyday Rocks, time TBA.

Thu. July 18: Mary Tooley, Art in a Suitcase, at 4pm. For details please click here. 


U.S. Cellular Device Workshop

You might be amazed just how "smart" you and your smart phone can be! In cooperation with the library, U.S. Cellular is providing a free workshop on Tuesday, June 4th from 5:30-8:00pm. Learn about many mini programs and apps that can be accessed with your phone like downloading coupons, library e-books, and e-audiobooks. Also learn how to access the Internet, play Angry Birds, stream videos and music - all while having less frustration and more fun with your phone. Sign ups are already underway so take advantage of this great opportunity. Visit the library or call (920)787-2988 to reserve a spot.


Help Us Be Our Best!

It's time for you to tell us! Please help your library be the best that it can be -- please take this very short survey. Thank you!


Food for Fines

During the entire month of June, the library will be holding the "Food for Fines" program again. Bring in your non-perishable, non-expired food items. While we cannot take food to replace lost or missing materials, each item will reduce your late fees by $2. Benefit from this terrific opportunity to not only get rid of your card's late fines, but to help feed the hungry in Wautoma as well.


What's Wautoma Reading Now?

Share what book or audiobook you're reading or listening to by writing a review! To be a part of the fun, pick up a Review Sheet next time you're at the library or reply to this newsletter with "Review Sheet" in the subject heading to have one e-mailed to you.
What's Wautoma Reading Now? is open to everyone! All ages, all titles! Here are your reviews!

Review #1

Angel Star Moore         

Angel enjoys reading: mainly manga.

Book: Tail of the Moon  

Author: Rinko Ueda   

Angel says, "I can't explain how much I like it. I like, NO LOVE, books!!!"  


Review #2


Nicole Overbeck  

Nicole enjoys reading: non-fiction survival stories

Book: Dragons Love Tacos

Author: Adam Rubin

Nicole says, "A great, funny read aloud with just the funniest, perfect-fitting pictures. It made me laugh and gave me a deep desire to make tacos! Thumbs up."


4 Stars  Wautoma Small Star Wautoma Small Star Wautoma Small Star Wautoma Small Star


  Read more information about this title.  


Review #3   



Book: Twelve Tribes of Hattie

Author: Ayana Mathis


4 Stars Wautoma Small Star Wautoma Small Star Wautoma Small Star Wautoma Small Star   


 Read more information about this title. 


Review #4 


Nicole Overbeck

Book: Three Graves Full

Author: Jamie Mason

Nicole says, "The premise is of a man living with the secret of a body buried in his backyard only to come under scrutiny after two bodies he hadn't buried/murdered are found, was unique and interesting. The characters are very well-rounded and while the plot became too unbelievable about halfway through the novel, I cared too much about the characters at that point to let it bother me. Interesting read."


3 1/2 Stars Wautoma Small Star Wautoma Small Star Wautoma Small Star Wautoma Small Star   



Barbara Woods

Barbara enjoys reading: historical and dramatic fiction

Book: Here If You Need Me: A True Story 

Author: Kate Braestrup

Barbara says, "I like her earthy humor and her personal interpretation of spirituality. I like that she is never 'preachy' or judgmental. Her writing flows nicely."


4 Stars Wautoma Small Star Wautoma Small Star Wautoma Small Star Wautoma Small Star   


 Read more information about this title.

Review #6

Carolyn Lindemann
Carolyn enjoys reading: mysteries
Book: Dead and Gone
Author: Dorothy Simpson
Carolyn says,"Dead and Gone is the last Inspector Luke Thanet mystery in a series of thirteen books in our library system. These English who-dunnits are well-written plots with key characters that are believable, likeable, and build on their experiences as the series progresses. I will miss them! Without profanity, vulgarity, or explicit descriptions of sex and violence, Dorothy Simpson has mastered the art of creating domestic yet sophisticated mysteries."

4 1/2 Stars Wautoma Small Star Wautoma Small Star Wautoma Small Star Wautoma Small Star Wautoma Small Star

 Read more information about this title.

Review #7

Erin Kant
Erin enjoys reading: picturebooks and YA fiction
Book: The Merchant of Death (Book 1 of the Pendragon series)
Author: D.J. MacHale
Erin says, "Bobby Pendragon is your average 14-year-old. That is until his Uncle Press tells him that Bobby has a mission: to save all of time and space from the cruel Saint Dane who wants nothing more than to destroy all of humanity everywhere. Then the pair are swallowed up into a portal to another land to help the first that are under attack. I would recommend this for ages 9-12. It is an interesting book with lots of action and funny banter between the characters."

4 Stars Wautoma Small Star Wautoma Small Star Wautoma Small Star Wautoma Small Star


Wautoma Small Star Wautoma Small Star Wautoma Small Star                                          Wautoma Small Star Wautoma Small Star 


1 Star = Didn't Like It

2 Stars = It Was Okay

3 Stars = Liked It

4 Stars = Really Liked It

5 Stars = It Was Amazing 

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