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June 2013

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The HSTRU Production Line is Going Strong
The Hawkeye has found a New Home-Mounted on a ¾ Ton Pickup Truck
Mandus Group to Provide KJ4000CVs to Rock Island Arsenal
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The HSTRU Production Line is Going Strong

Nearly two years after beginning production, Mandus Group's Hydraulic System Test and Repair Unit (HSTRU) team members continue to build these trailers to the highest quality standards while exceeding every expectation of the contract. Mandus Group was contracted in 2011 by PMSKOT to build 437 HSTRUs. As of the beginning of June, 304 have been completed, every one delivered on time. The HSTRU team consists of nine Mandus Group employees, and they can complete a HSTRU in five days at a rate of five a week. The team is also in the process of implementing an upgrade to the door track lighting system that will soon be incorporated into production.


The HSTRU is designed to field service hydraulic systems on every heavy weapon and vehicle in the Army's current inventory. The system carries all of the tools and components needed to make hydraulic repairs at the point of breakdown. The operator's comfort and productivity were top priority in the design resulting in an easy to use and durable layout. The tools and components are the highest quality the industry provides. If your equipment has additional requirements, the HSTRU is highly adaptable and can be outfitted to most any specification. Please contact Mandus Group at 1-888-922-8502 for more information.












Mandus Group would like to invite you to take a look at the current issue of our newsletter, The Thunder.  We will be sending this publication to our customers and business partners to inform them about upcoming events, news, products, and topics relevant to the fields of artillery logistics, sustainment, and maintenance.  So please look it over and learn a little bit about our company and what we can do for you.


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The Hawkeye has found a New Home...Mounted on a Ton Pickup Truck  


Hawkeye_Ford_SmallThis past April, Mandus Group completed modifications to a stock Ford F-250 allowing the truck to support the Hawkeye 105mm Weapon System. The modifications included removing the truck bed and installing a platform on the frame as well as adding four collapsible outriggers. No modifications were needed for the suspension system. The Hawkeye was then mounted to the platform using only four heavy-duty bolts. This new combination demonstrates the unprecedented flexibility of the weapon system.


The Hawkeye is a lightweight howitzer designed for modularity. Due to the reduced forces of the "soft recoil" system, it can be mounted on vehicles and platforms thought to be insufficient for artillery. The pickup was selected to demonstrate just how versatile and capable the weapon system is.



 Upon completion, the Hawkeye was driven to a farm in rural Iowa to begin sand round testing. The countryside awoke to thunderous booms as the Hawkeye/Pickup combination completed its first round of testing with success. The following week, the Hawkeye was transported to North Carolina for a demonstration at a top-notch gun range operated by the Gryphon Group near Ft. Bragg. Three design engineers from Mandus Group drove the truck onto the range, emplaced the gun in two minutes, and proceeded with the firing demonstration. The Hawkeye/Pickup combo made an impression on the audience as it fired sand rounds at multiple elevations and directions of fire with ease. Check out the link below to watch a video of the Hawkeye/Pickup in action.



Click here to see the Hawkeye/Pickup in action!



Mandus Group to Provide KJ4000CVs to Rock Island Arsenal



Mandus Group has won a sole-sourced contract issued by the Army's Contracting Command. They will be building 31 KJ4000CVs to be delivered to the Rock Island Arsenal by August, 2013. It has been expressed that these units are urgently needed and Mandus Group is working with its vendors and is confident they will be able to deliver the KJ4000CVs much sooner than what the contract requires.


The KJ4000CV was designed to be a superior alternative to the M3 oil pump. Its .59 gallons per minute oil flow easily and quickly fills oil reservoirs, recoil mechanisms, buffers, and replenishers. Please contact Mandus Group at 1-888-922-8502 for more information.



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