March / April 2015

Did you know? J-Craft's Z-Coat Paint Process!

What is the J-Craft Z-Coat Paint Process?
J-Craft's 10-step Z-Coat process is designed and tested to be as corrosion-resistant as Stainless Steel at an affordable price.

exclusive 10-step process offers thousands of color options, and comes complete with a 5-year warranty*!

Each J-Craft body is run through our ISO 9001:2008 certified processes to give you the exact paint finish you need!




Why use J-Craft's Z-Coat process?

* When you upgrade from J-Craft's standard paint processes to Z-Coat, you will have corrosion resistance comparable to a Stainless Steel body. Your J-Craft body with Z-Coat finish will be perfect for all conditions.


* Z-Coated bodies have 3 layers of protection - a zinc-rich coating; an epoxy coat; and finally a polyurethane coat.


* With thousands of colors to choose from, J-Craft can get you the exact color you need when you use Z-Coat.

* All Z-Coat processes come complete with a 5-Year Warranty*!


For more information, contact J-Craft Sales today!

* The 5-year warranty applies to the Z-Coat paint process only. For more information, please contact J-Craft Sales. 

J-Craft Tailgate Options

J-Craft is pleased to offer you several tailgate options for your J-Craft dump bodies. From our patented High 'N Slide™ tailgate, the Material Master™ tailgate and the High Lift tailgate, J-Craft has the exact tailgate to meet your needs!

J-Craft High 'N Slide™ Tailgate

J-Craft's patented High 'N Slide tailgate gives you the flexibility of using it three different ways! In addition to traditional dump-through functionality, the High 'N Slide tailgate allows you to meter materials through a full-width opening utilizing the sliding tailgate, or empty large/bulky debris with the high-lift function. Click the photo below to see a video to see exactly how the J-Craft High 'N Slide could benefit you:

High'N Slide Multi  



J-Craft Material Master™ Tailgate

J-Craft's Material Master tailgate, with adjustable opening independently controlled automatic metering gates, allows you to direct material where you need it from the safety of the cab or sides of tailgate. Add versatility and convenience to your J-Craft dump body and increase your opportunities with a Material Control Gate from J-Craft.



J-Craft High Lift Tailgate 

The J-Craft High Lift Tailgate offers an additional 18" of opening above the rear corner posts. The High Lift Tailgate can be either air operated or operated by an electric double-acting hydraulic power unit, and is good for dumping large material, brush and concrete with no hang up on the tailgate.

For more information on these great options, please contact 

J-Craft Sales today!

March Trucks of the Month - Northern Asphalt!


March's Trucks of the Month are these two beauties for Northern Asphalt in East Bethel, MN!

Specs of this unit include:

- J-Craft 16' Ultra MXR elliptical dump body
- Freightliner SD114 chassis 

- Hyco (Turbo) pin to pin telescopic hoist
- Body materials:

   * Front material: 1/8" AR450
   * Side material: 4mm AR450
   * Floor & rear material: 3/16" AR450 

- Sloped asphalt tailgates

- Vibrator

- Hotshift PTO with direct mount pump and separate valve &
  doghouse reservoir

- Front & rear strobe lights

- Aero double arm tarp system

- 3/4" hitch plate with air pintle

- And much more!



Do you have a truck you would like to submit for Truck of the Month? Contact Don, Brandon or Shane today!