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August 2014

J-Craft MN 2015 CPV Contract Now Available!

J-Craft is pleased to announce that the Minnesota CPV Plow Truck Purchasing Contract for 2015 is now available!
J-Craft has all the options you need for your Snow & Ice Equipment. From Henke® plows to J-Craft Sanders - we've got you covered! Just look at this great J-Craft Plow Truck package!

 Specs for this unit include:
- J-Craft Ultra Stainless Steel, 10' body
- Henke Plow Package
- Varitech 100 gallon Tailgate Tank mounted off of the body tailgate
- Front, Sides, Tailgate material: 7 gauge 201 Stainless Steel
- Floor material: 3/16" AR450 Steel
- Quick Drop Tailgate
- and much more!



Get your Snow & Ice Equipment Ordered Today! For more information, please contact J-Craft Sales today!
J-Craft Offers the Popular Henke® FVX-Arrow Plow!

J-Craft is pleased to offer the Henke FVX-Arrow "Folding Vee" Plow to our customers! 
Partnered with a J-Craft Dump Body, the FVX-Arrow gives you the right equipment no matter what Old Man Winter brings. With it's rugged design and versatile function, this folding-v plow gives you the control to put snow where you want it. The FVX-Arrow gives you several different positions to move snow as needed - see the drawings below:


Specifications of the FVX-Arrow include:

* Moldboard Height: 41" Lengths: 147"

* Two (2) Independent 3.5" bore, 16.5" stroke with 2" rod hydraulic


* Level lifting provided by pitch cylinder movement of tilt hinge

* Compression trip edge safety trip device w/ (6) 21" long springs of 

  .625" wire

* Width: Angled Mode 121", Vee Mod: 125.5", Scoop Mode: 116"

* Weight: Approx. 3,500 lbs

For more information, please contact J-Craft Sales today!

J-Craft Truck Of The Month - Omni Engineering!
Omni Engineering (Omaha, NE; www.omgmidwest.com) took home their brand new J-Craft Ultra Dump Body earlier this month. Check out all the features of this fantastic J-Craft Ultra Dump Body!

Omni Engineering's new dump body features:
- J-Craft 19' Ultra Dump Body
- All 3/16" AR450 Steel
- Straight Front
- Elliptical Sides
- Sloped Rear Air Tailgate
- Hot Shift PTO for Allison Automatic 4500 RDS
- Air shift hoist control mounted in tower between seats
- Rear hinge with removable hinge pins
- and much more!

Do you have a truck you think should be J-Craft's Truck Of The Month? Send your images and specs to Nikki Kyle (nkyle@tbei.com).
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