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Garden State Games, June 15 & 16!



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May 14, 2013 - Test Session at Floyd Hall Arena  


May 28 - Test Session at Ice Vault Arena


June 11 - Test Session at Floyd Hall Arena  


June 14 - Test Session at Ice Vault Arena


June 15 & 16 - Garden State Games at Ice Vault Arena  Entry Information  


July 14, 2013 North Jersey Figure Skating Club award party at  Knights of Columbus Hall, Washington, Twsp, NJ


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 Test Results - April 2013


Simone Kim - European Waltz, Fourteenstep,

Foxtrot (Completes Pre Silver Level)

Rachel Oberman - European Waltz, Fourteenstep,

Foxtrot (Completes Pre Silver Level)

Philip Reyman - Preliminary/Pre Juvenile Freestyle

Rachel Sullivan - Novice MIF/Intermediate Freestyle

Christian Villarie - Pre Juvenile Freestyle

Farrah Way - Juvenile Freestyle

Ashley Lau - Intermediate Freestyle

Jordan Bernstein - Preliminary MIF

Elizabeth Bottoni - Preliminary MIF

Riley Marmon - Pre Juvenile MIF

Guilia De Benedetto - Pre Preliminary MIF/

Pre Preliminary Freestyle


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Established in 1959, the NJFSC is a 501 (c) 7 non-profit Corporation dedicated to the Sport of Figure Skating.
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1) The link for entry into Garden State Games is above.


2) USFS has posted the 2013-2014 well balanced singles free skate requirements.  Click HERE to view.  Click HERE for the dance requirements. 


3) Tests: we have tests scheduled every month so please check the test calendar.  PLEASE TEST WITH US.


4) Volunteers are needed for the upcoming Garden State Games Competition. Please let me know if you are available to help.


5) Interested in becoming a judge? We need judges and there are multiple tracks toward a judge appointment.  Contact Rick to discuss.


6) Please note the annual award picnic is scheduled for July 14, 2013.  More information will be in the upcoming newsletters.   


7) 2013-2014 membership renewal: we will be sending information under separate cover detailing membership renewal through the North Jersey Membership site.




Richard Breitweiser, President
North Jersey Figure Skating Club, Inc.


Results from the 2013 United States Adult Figure Skating Championships


Gold Medals:

Pamela Federbusch, Masters Ladies Dramatic 3

Tara Cioppa, Gold Ladies Light Entertainment 2


Silver Medals:

Tara Cioppa, Adult Gold Pairs w/ Stephen Trazaska (Washington FSC)


Bronze Medals:

Rick Breitweiser, Gold Men Light Entertainment 1, 2, 4

Pamela Federbusch, Masters Ladies Light Entertainment 3

Pamela Federbusch, Masters Senior Ladies 3

Pewter Medals:

Rick Breitweiser, Gold Men, 4, 5

Tim David, Silver Men 2


Other Placements: 

5th: Tara Cioppa, Adult Championship Pairs w/ Stephen Trazaska (Washington FSC)

7th: Tara Cioppa, Gold Ladies 3

7th: Kyoko Hikita, Silver Ladies 3

11th: Pamela Federbusch, Championship Senior Ladies

17th: Norie Kashimura, Silver Ladies 3


Results from the 2013 Morris Open


Friday, 4/12/13:


Gold Medal:

Anastasiya Kononenko, Senior Ladies Short Program


Silver Medal:

Marika Miyashito, Senior Ladies Short Program


Other Results:

11th:  Emma Jang, Intermediate Ladies Short Program

12th:  Megan Belgrave, Intermediate Ladies Short Program

13th:  Ava Sloboda, Intermediate Ladies Short Program

14th:  Rachel Sullivan, Intermediate Ladies Short Program

15th:  Alexa Nazarko, Intermediate Ladies Short Program


Saturday, 4/13/13:


Gold Medals:

Jonathan Lai, No Test Boys

Nikolette Albrechtovics, Juvenile Girls Trophy Round and Juvenile Girls Qualification

Elliot Jang, Juvenile Boys

Anastasiya Kononenko, Senior Ladies Long Program

Malia Utley, Preliminary Ladies Test Track


Silver Medals:

Kenneth Lai, No Test Boys

Riley Block, Pre-Preliminary Girls Well Balanced

Bella Tolendini, No-Test Girls Well Balanced


Bronze Medals:

Madison Roberts, Preliminary Girls Well Balanced

Lana Utley, No-Test Feeskate


Other Placements:

4th: Olivia Parelli, Freeskate 1

4th: Riley Marmon, Pre-Preliminary Girls Well Balanced

5th: Megan Belgrave, Intermediate Ladies Long

6th: Taylor Ricca, Juvenile Girls Qualifying

6th: Esther Pesochin, Juvenile Girls Qualifying

7th: Emma Jang, Intermediate Ladies Long

8th: Ava Sloboda, Intermediate Ladies Long

9th: Alexandra Zimmermann, Intermediate Ladies Long

9th: Emilee Rose Rodolfo , Juvenile Girls Qualifying

10th: Victoria Garritt, Juvenile Girls Qualifying

10th: Alexa Nazarko, Intermediate Ladies Long

11th: Shea Ross, Juvenile Girls Qualifying

11th: Rachel Sullivan, Intermediate Ladies Long

12th: Gabriella Patracuolla, Intermediate Ladies Long


Sunday, 4/14/13


Gold Medals:

Simone Kim, Intermediate Combined Dance


Silver Medal

Simone Kim, Silver Pattern Dance


Other Placements:

7th: Julie Neerhout, Silver Pattern Dance

8th: Isabella Smith, Silver Pattern Dance


Results from the 6TH Annusl Ice Vault Basic Skills Competition May 2013


Gold Medals:

Ella Loscalzo - Basic 3 Elements

Maya Santangelo - Basic 1 Elements

Jennifer Allan - Freeskate 3 Program

Kristina Haviland - Beginner (TT) Program

Elizabeth Bottoni - Beginner (TT) Program

Julia Hagen - Pre Preliminary (TT) Program

Tamara Kim - Preliminary (TT) Program

Jillian Falletta - Pre Preliminary Program


Silver Medals:

Grace Magna - Basic 3 Elements

Ella Loscalzo - Basic 3 Program

Kaitlyn Bottoni - Basic 4 Program

Madison Block - Basic 2 Elements

Allison Bottoni - Beginner (TT) Program

Bella Tolendini - No Test Program


Bronze Medals:

Grace Magna - Basic 3 Program

Ashley Kish - Beginner (TT) Program


Pewter Medals:

Riley Marmon - Pre Preliminary Program