February 2015


We restore the bodies and spirits of our patients by listening to them, hearing their stories and creating truly customized prostheses that give them the superior comfort, peak performance and cosmetic appearance they deserve.
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Jonas Seeberg, BS, CPO
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Q: Jonas, there were several amputees featured in Super Bowl ads this year. What was your favorite Super Bowl ad?

A: This was a banner year for prosthetics as far as Super Bowl ads go! It's tough deciding between
Amy Purdy's Toyota ad and Braylon O'Neill but I think my favorite was Braylon. I think he was a lot more relatable to a wider audience.
Microsoft Super Bowl Commercial 2015: Braylon O'Neill
Microsoft Super Bowl Commercial 2015: Braylon O'Neill

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Greg Michalov, CP, COA presents 
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Prosthetics for Therapists™

The purpose of our Prosthetics for Therapists™ continuing education course series is to provide continuing education credits for therapists in Maryland, Delaware and Virginia by presenting courses on various aspects of upper and lower extremity prosthetics. Cost Effective. There is no cost. You can't get more cost effective than that!


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New Technologies Make Winter Easier For Amputees
NHPR, Michael Samuels, February 4, 2015

For amputees who use prosthetic limbs, winter weather can pose a range of challenges. But changing technologies and new strategies are making winter easier for Granite Staters who use the devices.


Therese Willkomm just returned from a trip to India, and a visit to a company there called Dham Innovations. She brought back a ceramic tile a little bigger than a Scrabble piece, set in a sort of fingerless glove that Velcros onto the wearer's hand.

With a battery-powered control, she's able to heat the tile - and the wearer's previously icy hand - in about a second. A second later, she can also make it very cold.


Willkomm is the Director of Assistive Technology in New Hampshire, or ATinNH, and Clinical Assistant Professor in the University of New Hampshire's Department of Occupational Therapy. She's particularly excited about using this technology to help farmers who are also amputees with prosthetic limbs - her specialty. Farmers, and others who do physical labor, can ask a lot of a prosthetic limb, working outside in all kinds of weather. "One of the challenges, of course, this time of year, with individuals using prosthetic devices," Willkomm explains, is that "that terminal device is often made of stainless steel, it gets very cold, it transmits through a hard socket..." The same happens during the summer, when metal components can get very hot.


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Transtibial Amputee

I had always viewed an amputation as an end to my active lifestyle. I loved all kind of sports as a kid and was especially good at running. In the 2nd grade, every morning my twin brother and I used to get up early before school and run a mile to train for track and field.
As a kid, I also dreamed about being on the high school's basketball team. However, my young sports career came to a fast halt after being diagnosed with bone cancer at the young age of 12 years old.

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Head to Toe

We create and design unique orthotics that are custom made to each individual, specializing in custom knee-orthoses, custom ankle-foot orthoses, and even the latest AFO design of the future.

We offer the most complete range of custom prostheses available. Our advanced prostheses include computerized prosthetic knee systems and myoelectrical arms.

Silicone Restorations
We specialize in the design and creation of one-of-a-kind alloplastic limb and digital restorations.  Regardless of your level of amputation, there is a solution to be found.
Custom Silicone Skins
We have developed an affordable fabrication process that now offers "Real Life" appearance when high-definition BK silicone skin coverings are financially out of reach.

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