2014 Major League Baseball Predictions


After a most difficult winter spring has come at last and with it the quest for the 110th World Series title. Yes baseball is back and this past weekend National League West rivals the Arizona Diamondbacks, and the Los Angeles Dodgers, lifted the lid on the 2014 season. In the first Major League games ever played in Australia; the Dodgers defeated the D-backs in two weekend tilts before crowds of 40,000 plus at the hallowed Sydney Cricket Ground.


Building on the success of my selections in the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament (Was I the only person in the world to pick Mercer?) I am now ready to put my skills to the test again as I am proud to present my predictions for the balance of the 2014 MLB season.  


Before we begin with the picking a bit of housekeeping form my 2013 Major League Baseball Predictions. I picked the Boston Red Sox to finish last in the American League East. And what did they do? They won the East, they won the American League Championship and they won the World Series!   While baseball is one of the eight passions of my life to go along with faith, family, leadership, health, constant improvement, financial security and fun, picking winners is not the way I should make a living. However, it is fun and I hope that you will have some fun with me as I unveil my 2014 Major League Baseball predictions.

My 2014 picks for Division and Wild Card Winners


American League

National League


Boston Red Sox

Washington Nationals


Detroit Tigers

Saint Louis Cardinals


Oakland A's

Los Angeles Dodgers

Wild Cards

New York Yankies

Tampa Bay Rays

Atlanta Braves

San Diego Padres



World Series  




World Series Champ Los Angeles Dodgers

Now for the baseball geeks like me here are my thoughts on all 30 MLB Teams just click on the links below. In the meantime let's all get warm and enjoy the season!!!
    American League East     



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