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 Marben Bland

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Have You Been Lied To 

Have you been lied to?  Have you ever told a lie?   Well, if the answer to both of these questions is "No", I am sorry to say my friend; you are lying!  Lying is a part of the human condition and it was the enabler of the first sin when the serpent told Eve a number of lies; which lead to the eating of the fruit in the Garden of Eden.   


Biblical Liars   

Throughout the bible we find lies and liars.  

  • Cain lied to God when the Lord asked him "Where is Abel?" (Genesis 4:9) 
  • Isaac lied to the king of Gerar when he attempted to pass off his wife Rebekah as his sister. (Genesis 26:6)  
  • Peter lied to the servant girl who recognized him as a follower of the arrested Jesus, when he said "Woman I don't even know the man"  (Luke 22:57) 


Why Do We Lie?  

As humans we lie all the time about different things; that ranges from where did you get that dress... to where did you get your degree?  The size and color of the lie is insignificant. We just lie! So, why do we lie?   Well, while lies are told for many reasons the basic intent of all lies is protection by deception.


Protection By Deception


Let's revisit our biblical friends and see the attempted protection their deception brought.  


  • Cain lied to protect himself from God's punishment for killing Abel  
  • Isaac lied to protect Rebekah from the men in Gerar who would desire her  
  • Peter lied to protect himself from physical punishment for being associated with Jesus  


What Are We Lying About? 

If all humans lie...and the basic reason for lying is protection by deception; then, what are we lying to protect ourselves from?     

  • Are we lying to protect ourselves from the shame of an abusive relationship?  
  • Are we lying to protect our self-image of importance, accomplishment and money?  
  • Are we lying to protect the world from knowing any number of sins that we have committed, that deep down inside, are tearing at our heart, mind, and soul?   


God Knows The Truth  

God knows the truth about our life; because He is always with us:  

  • Nothing is hidden from His sight (Hebrews 4:13)  
  • He knows our thoughts and our words (1st Chronicles 28:9; Psalms 139:4)  
  • And He knows what will happen in the future (Isaiah 46:10)    



In the devotional, Our Daily Bread, Cindy Hess Kasper says it best. "God knows everything (1st John 3:20), and He knows you and me intimately (Psalms139:1-10). He is aware of each temptation, each broken heart, each illness, each worry, each sorrow we face." 



God Can Protect Us Without Deception  



The reason we lie is we are scared by the realities of the truth.


We are scared:


  • Of what people would really think of us...if they knew the truth about us
  • Of dealing with the problems we have masked so long in a lie
  • Of life without the money, fame, and comfort, that the lie brought us


Our faith in God can provide all the protection we need in the storms of life. God can protect us; because of his power and might. However, that power can only be accessed through our faith. 


Our Faith Can Protect Us From Lying


We can have confidence in telling the truth; because our faith in God will provide calming protection.   


Matthew 8:23-27 tells the story of Jesus calming the storm.  Jesus was sleeping as a storm came up while he and the disciples were crossing the lake in a boat.  Afraid, the disciples woke Jesus calling for Him to save them from drowning.  Jesus responded, "Why are you afraid? You have so little faith!" Then he got up and rebuked the wind and waves, and suddenly there was a great calm.  The disciples were amazed. "Who is this man?" they asked; "Even the winds and waves obey him!" 


However, let's be clear, the protection that God provides does not mean that we will not suffer or have discomfort from the truth.   


  • Cain would have been punished for killing Abel  
  • Isaac would have had to deal with men desiring Rebekah 
  • Peter would have been tormented for admitting he knew Jesus  


However, by telling the truth....the most important thing in our lives, our relationship with God would have been protected. Because we obeyed His command and told the truth.


How To Stop Lying  

Lying is part of the human condition. However, it is a sin... and it is sin that we all do.  With God all things are possible; and if you are a sinner and a liar like me, you can stop lying. Not only to the people in our lives; but to ourselves. 


This is the pathway I have taken with God to stop lying:  


  1. Admit that I am a liar and Jesus is the only way I will stop lying 
  2. Pray to God to curb my lying tongue and protect me from the ramifications of the truth
  3. Find Godly people to hold me accountable for the pathway out of lying that I have chosen  
  4. Ask for God's forgiveness for those I have lied to and when I fall from my new way of life   


A Personal Reflection  

I have I lied to many people. Some are reading this post at this moment.  I am truly sorry for the lies I have told.  I have asked the Lord for forgiveness and I seek yours as well.  Further, I ask that you hold me accountable as I walk in the newness of the pathway that the Father has provided for me.  Please know that writing this post is God's way of convicting and touching me to serve His will in truth.  I hope it do the same for others.  


May the grace, power and forgiveness of God be with you in spirit and in truth.   


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 September 18, 2013 Pittsburgh

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