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Congratulations to Gail Hackston,
the winner of Pride Films and Plays'
Women's Work Contest!
Gail Hackston, left, and director Sophie Blumberg (front) with the cast of The Green Door.
Our congratulations go to Gail Hackston of London whose screenplay The Green Door was named the winner of the 2013 Women's Work Contest. 

The Green Door is a compelling work that combines history with modern life. (Don't miss the full synopsis below! ) Director Sophie Blumberg and her terrific cast did a great job of bringing the script to life. We can't wait to see this screenplay get made!

After the contest, Gail sent us this note....

"I'm absolutely thrilled to have won the Women's Work Festival.  Before the festival, my script and I were not on speaking terms. I knew it needed another draft but just didn't know where to start. The staged reading and the interpretation of the piece by the cast and director really helped me see it from an outsiders' point of view. The positive feedback about the script and the project means I have a clear idea about where to take it and how to start approaching producers.


Pride Films and Plays Women's Work Festival is a fantastic opportunity for writers to not only get their scripts noticed but also to have them read and workshopped in a supportive and helpful environment. Their work, bringing lesbian-themed scripts to the stage, gives us writers the sense that although we all have separate, independent voices they can be pulled together in a way to amplify the community as a whole. This is very strong indeed."

A synopsis of The Green Door...

On the brink of marriage, Lina, a na´ve and sheltered 20 year old, meets and starts an intense affair with enigmatic tomboy Christine at the famous Gateways Club in 1960s London. When she is forbidden from seeing Chris by her conservative Greek family, Lina must decide to live the life she wants with Chris and doom her family to financial ruin or the life they choose for her without Chris.

A love story set across forty years, The Green Door is told in both the past and present. We follow both 20 year old Lina in the prime of her life and Lina in her late 60s, living with the consequences of her decision and at both times struggling to find her place in the world. 

Director Jude Hansen (top left)
and the cast of Sweetwater.

Thanks to Beth Richards and Jessica Forella for runing a great festival. Thanks to directors Ky Morris, Alexander St. John, Jude Hansen, Sophie Blumberg and Allison Bodnar Jaros for their fine work, and for assembling terrific casts. And greatest thanks to our literary manager Allison Fradkin whose spent many hours organizing and reading our submissions.
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Gail Hackston is a London-based filmmaker. She has had a number of short films produced and is developing
The Green Door
for her feature debut.

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