A little adventure and a whole lot of relaxation

Photo courtesy of Beverly Bryant

July 2016 

Schooner Heritage
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Hello Shipmates,
What a month of sailing we've had!  The winds have been wonderful.  This 30-second video will make you wish you were with us last week!

Thanks to Bev Clark for sharing this video.


Many of our guests are like family and we love to welcome them back aboard, year after year.  

These lovely ladies have more than 60 trips between them and return nearly every year along with a half dozen others in their group. It's always a fun time when they're aboard.

Seeing Maine from the water

photo courtesy of Bev Clark
We never tire of the view, even after thirty four seasons of sailing the Heritage.

photo by Capt. Linda

Captain Linda often enjoys an early morning row while the rest of the world is still asleep, that is all except the galley crew, and the fishermen who passed by the schooner an hour or two before on their way out to tend their traps. What a pretty sight from the rowboat.


From Lobstah Island

Usually we have a little something from the galley in this spot.  This month we're taking the galley ashore for our lobster picnic. 

Monday morning 60 lobsters are brought aboard and we head off to Lobstah Island.  A very elusive place, you won't find it on any chart.   

photo courtesy of Harvey Davis

Here we are ashore on Lobstah Island. The last boatload of folks have just arrived.

photo courtesy of Harvey Davis

Captain Doug is in charge of cooking the main course. He adds the crowning touch, a fresh crop of seaweed, to the already steaming kettle of lobster. 

photo courtesy of Bev Clark 
Voila! 15 minutes later, dinner is ready.

No Heritage picnic is complete without the crew's rendition of the Hokie Pokie before serving the lobster.

The Hokie Pokie
The Hokie Pokie captured by Harvey Davis

After everyone's eaten their fill, the galley crew steps in to prepare the chocolate course....
the quintessential campfire favorite, s'mores.
photo courtesy of Chris Mank

The beach has been combed, no trace left behind. Every footprint will be erased by the incoming tide. Aboard, we glance back at Lobstah Island.  Such a beautiful spot for a picnic...
And the perfect anchorage for the night.

Some guests gather in the galley for a game of cards or Scrabble while others head to their cabins to read. They listen to the sea gently lapping the hull.  A few grab a cushion and a deck blanket, stretch out on the cabintop and look skyward. The sky is awash with stars. 

Photo Starr Gephart

When we say on our website, "The sky, undisturbed by city lights, appears awash with tiny diamonds, perfect for stargazing," we aren't exaggerating.  _____________________________________________

Wish you were here

Inspired by the 100th anniversary of "Maine Postcard Day", Penobscot Marine Museum presents Wish You Were Here: Communicating Maine, a hundred years of images which have been used to communicate the unique qualities of Maine to the outside world. With photographic postcards, photography, and contemporary art, this exhibit explores the changes which have taken place in the images which have been used to communicate "Maine".

This monthly newsletter is our postcard to you, letting you know what we've been doing and what's happening aboard. In the off-season we love looking for old maritime postcards that tell a story through pictures and messages.

Have plans for Labor Day Weekend?  Summer visitors will have left for home. The kids and teachers will be starting a new school year but we'll be out on the bay enjoying a four-day adventure, boarding Saturday night, September 3rd and returning Wednesday the 7th by noon. And if you join us, won't it be nice that there won't be any holiday traffic on your trip home.   

There are cabins still available on a few trips in August and all of our September trips straight through until the leaves start to show their fall foliage.  How about joining us?  We'd love to see you.

All the best,

photo courtesy of Michael & Joann Cavalear