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Photo courtesy of Bill West  

May 2016 
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Hello Shipmates,
Spring outfitting is coming to a close for this year.  With just a week left before we welcome aboard the first guests of the 2016 season, we're quickly whittling away at the to-do list.  

Here she is, in all her glory, going back into the water on the 6th of this month after three long days of cleaning off the hull from the waterline down and repainting.  That's Sam Clark on deck. This photo gives a good view of how big she really is.

The new yawlboat engine has gone through sea trials and purrs like a kitten. Here's a picture of it before it was installed.  

We picked up our sails from Nat Wilson's sail loft in East Boothbay last week.  It was a considerable load for Doug's pick-up.

While the captains were off getting the sails, Ben, the mate, was busy rigging the fore topmast.  Yes, that's Ben sitting on the masthead, with Sean behind the topmast tending the rigging.

It was so nice to see both topmasts rigged when we got back with the sails.

And finally, it was time to bend on the sails.  Ben's working on the jib topsail while Sean and Nick bend on the foresail. All the sails are now on and furled, and the schooner looks like she does when you come for your trip.  

We're loading the galley today and next, the cabins.  Yes we have one week left, but still lots to finish.


We see wildlife while out on our trips, but this year we have a special treat.  A pair of ospreys have decided to nest in the platform on the edge of our cove. 

Sometimes they put up quite a racket, chirping and keening to each other.  They are magnificent birds!

The sailing season is just around the corner...

Ever wonder what we do in June?  We have five trips this coming month, all unique in their own way.  The first is one of our favorites.  We've waited all winter to get back out on the water and we've spent two months getting the schooner ready. 

Only have a few days to get away?  We have just the trip for you, with a couple of four-day trips (June 6th and 11th) as well as a three-day (June 16th).  Yes, the days can be cooler, but they are the longest with fifteen hours of daylight leading up to the summer solstice on the six-day June 19th trip. There's also a full moon that trip! On the other six-day trip we sail to Boothbay Harbor for Windjammer Days, with a parade of sail and fireworks midweek. 

We'll tell you about other trips next month. Please visit us online anytime.  Give Shary a call if you'd like to reserve your cabin. (800) 648-4544

From the Galley

What goes with Sean's Tantalizing Chili (May 2015 newsletter) better than anything else?  Guacamole and corn chips.  Here's Linda's recipe for "Guac".

One ripe avocado, slice in half. Scoop flesh out of skin and into a bowl. Use a fork to gently mash.  Some small chunks are good.

2 t. lemon juice
2 T of minced onion

Add to taste:
Tabasco sauce


We should have changed our clothes for the picture but there wasn't time.  We'd just finished our railway work and were ready to launch the schooner.  Looking forward to spending four months out on the water.  Hope you'll join us for a trip.  And remember, we'll be enjoying the after-lunch chocolate course every day!