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Photo courtesy of Fred LeBlanc

  September 2015
Schooner Heritage
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Hi Shipmates,

Time is flying by. We board for our last trip of the season this Friday evening.  It doesn't seem possible that it's nearly over.  There are still a few cabins available if you've been wanting to join us.  Last week was spectacular weather and we had another wonderful group of people join us.  
We've had four months aboard and there have been some incredible sunrises and sunsets. Here is Linda's favorite sunrise since the last newsletter. 

This was in Pulpit Harbor, tucked in with another schooner from the fleet. Absolutely quiet morning before the schooner came alive with the usual morning activities of washing down the deck and prepping for breakfast. 

We spotted this great blue heron fishing for crabs in the shallows one morning as the tide receded in Smith Cove close to Castine.  One might think they are slow movers as they stand motionless but once they spot a crab in the rockweed they attack with lightening speed and accuracy. 

We had a great sail last Tuesday into the harbor where WoodenBoat School is situated, near the mouth of Eggemoggin Reach.  The Victory Chimes was off our starboard bow preparing to join the rest of the fleet as we all gathered for the last time of the season.  Once anchored, it was amazing to look around and see so many of Maine's fleet of windjammers. No where else in the world are there so many of these majestic sailing vessels sailing in company of each other.

Making ice cream is never boring.  Here we have a group effort -- one guest holding down the ice cream maker while Doug is doing the churning and telling one of his "true" stories.


From the Galley

What a fine brunch!

Everyone enjoys brunch the last day of the trip, even if it does mean the trip is coming to a close.  One of the new things we've added this year is Heritage Mac & Cheese.  Several of you have requested the recipe so we're including it this month.  So easy, so tasty.
Heritage Mac & Cheese

1 pound pasta  Use your favorite kind.  Cook to al dente with 1 T oil. Drain thoroughly.

Add to the pot with hot pasta
2 c. shredded sharp cheddar cheese
1 c. Parmesan cheese
Add milk, stir and let set. Repeat until creamy.
Add pepper to taste.
Put in greased baking pan
Top with crushed Ritz crackers
Bake @ 375 degrees for about 15 minutes with foil covering pan.
Then remove foil and bake until top is brown.


We'll start working on our 2016 schedule as soon as this season is finished.  Keep an eye on our website for it. Looking forward to hearing from all of you during the off season.

All of our best,