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  March 2015
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Hi Shipmates,

          Happy Spring!  We have enjoyed a few warm days, one in the high 50's, but the first day of spring brought a nice snow covering.  This was one last chance for Linda to indulge in the pleasure of the nearby cross-country ski trail through the quiet woods.

          Doug is finishing up his winter work at the shipyard.  The big "new" planer is all ready to go with an ebay-purchased motor and all the right wiring and switches.
  This year's shipyard window project is just about complete too.  

          At the local auction in late February, we had the winning bid on a valuable maritime history reference book.  Inside there was a rare 1908 launching announcement for a six-masted schooner, Edward B. Winslow.

          Here's our launching announcement for the Schooner Heritage on April 16, 1983.  Yes, this will be our 33rd season aboard her.

Our maritime history pursuits have included exchanging emails, phone calls, visits, photographs and endless discussions especially at the office during coffee break, along with our eBay and other auction purchases.

All of our day trips for the shipyard, schooner, maritime history and cars are planned around good driving conditions and getting home to tend the woodstove and fireplace in these often single digit temperature nights.

Our 1970 EXCALIBUR Phaeton has received our attention this year.  Our friend, Keith Smalley, works on all of our antique cars for us so we visit his shop at least once a week to check on progress and to discuss and solve problems.  Doug has been having fun making some small stainless steel parts, fixing special "wind wings" and chasing down hard-to-find supplies. 

He has learned a lot about polishing aluminum.  Look at this shiny hood!

"EXCAL 70" still has a long way to go but is getting better all the time. Maybe next month the roads will be free of salt and sand so we can take a little drive and maybe get some ice cream!!


We're looking ahead to our first trip of the season.  It should be lots of fun.  We'll be part of the Schooner Gam when lots of the windjammers raft up (tie up side by side) and we can go from boat to boat to visit.  

There'll be music and a great chance for photos.  Fred LeBlanc -- you've seen his photos on lots of our calendars -- will be aboard to help you get the perfect photo of all the vessels. It's also one of Fred's favorite opportunities to photograph schooners under sail.  We still have cabins available and would love to have you join us aboard.

This month we have three recipes for you: soup, poached fish and lemon nut cookies for the spring days ahead.


Stone Soup from the old story of an animal stirring a pot above a fire with just a stone in the simmering water.  All the other animals want to help and be a part of this so they bring what they have to add to the soup.  The soup ends up as a fantastic medley of meat, vegetables, herbs, etc and the "stone" can be removed.  What a delight to indulge in!!

We love it so much!  You can make it so many ways with what you have on hand, adding new ingredients to make it a little different each time.  If you have other ingredients available like cabbage, broccoli, mushrooms, just add them in -- this is after all "Stone Soup"! Have fun creating this delightful soup.  

Rinse and drain 1/2 pound of assorted dry beans (small red, black, navy, lentils, yellow split pea or any other favorite).
Add enough water to cover then bring to a boil.  Add water as needed to boil beans until soft but not mushy.
In another pot heat oil -- I use olive oil -- 
then add chopped onion, 1 small, diced
celery, about 1 cup chopped, diced
carrots, about 1 cup chopped, diced
rainbow peppers, about 1 cup chopped, diced
garlic, 1 t. diced
and cook until slightly softened.
Add herbs: parsley, 1/2 t.
sage, 1/2 t.
basil, 1/2 t.
thyme, 1/2 t.
pepper, 1/4 t. (you can always add more)
tamari, 1/2 t.
oregano 1/2 t. if desired
and any other favorite herbs
Add canned or fresh diced tomatoes, 1 cup
ham, diced 1/2 c. or to taste
rice, pasta, or potatoes, 
pork, chicken, sausage.
cabbage, mushrooms, squash, cauliflower, etc.
All can be added later, if desired, for a different taste.

A vegetarian or vegan version is easily made by omitting all meat.




I always remember the ingredients by referring to the Simon & Garfunkel song Scarborough Fair, changing "sage" to "pepper".  "Parsley, pepper, rosemary and thyme.  Dot with margarine, butter  or olive oil and add some white wine"  Many people ask for this recipe and this helps them remember.


2 lb. fish fillets, haddock or cod                     

dash parsley                   

sprinkle pepper 

1 t. rosemary

1 t. thyme

3 T. margarine, butter or oil

1 c. white wine


Grease pan.  Rinse fish and check for bones.  Place fish in pan.  Sprinkle with spices.  Dot with margarine, butter or olive oil.  Pour white wine over and around fish.  Bake at 400 F. for 15 min. until fish lightly flakes apart.  Do not over cook.  Serve with lemon or special sauce.  Serves 4.







Beat until creamy:

c.     butter or margarine

c.     brown sugar            

c.     sugar

Beat in:

1          egg

1 T.      lemon juice

Blend in:

1 c.   flour

t.      baking soda

t.      salt

Stir in:

1 c.      white chocolate chips

1 c.      chopped nuts -- optional

1 t.       grated lemon peel

Drop by spoonfuls onto ungreased cookie sheet.  Bake at 375 F. for 7 to 10 minutes or until edges are lightly browned. Makes 30 cookies.

Just use gluten-free flour if needed.  Nice cookies! 




Hope everyone's having a great winter.  See you aboard soon!


Only 67 days until our first guests arrive.