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The cove on February 19th

 February 2015
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Hi Shipmates,

The winter seems to march on.  We are having quite a share of it this year.  Just look at the ice in the cove with snow on top of it.  We haven't matched Boston's almost 100 inches but we added another 8" on Thursday, February 19th!  The piles of snow around the house and shipyard are pretty impressive.

That's Coco sniffing around the bottom of the snow pile and yes, that is the Great Windship Heritage hiding behind it.

Our Maine Coon cat, Killer (he arrived with that name but we call him Baby since he's so shy and gentle), is enjoying having us home all winter. 


 Shary is liking it too because she doesn't have to take care of the cat or the house, nor is she worrying about the snow and shoveling to get in to feed Killer.

Killer sent Doug a birthday card in December as he always does, but this year the card said "How do you like my selfie."

He does have an inflated opinion of himself and expects respect and certain "duties" to be performed by "staff".

This fall until late January, we worked on stacking firewood for the Schooner Heritage galley stove, "Burma", and for our house, "Winterberth", with its big stove and fireplace.  We were given used pilings from our marine contractor neighbors so we cut, split and stacked firewood for the shipyard.  All together about 45 cords.  What an exercise program!

Doug has been sorting photos in the study.  Linda helps out as much as possible.  We're still several years behind!  Shary's been doing a little schooner research on her own.  We all look forward to great discussions at coffee break.

Piping hot homemade soup warms us up on these cold snowy days. Enjoy it with your favorite breads, crackers or corn chips.

Yellow Split Pea Soup

1/2 lb. yellow split peas
1/2 c. chopped onion
black pepper to taste
1/2 c. ham, chopped

In a large pot, rinse and drain the peas 3 times.  Add fresh water to more than cover the peas.  Start cooking -- no need to soak overnight.  Watch to avoid boiling over and stir to make sure they don't stick to the bottom of the pan.  Cook until they start to get mushy. 

Then add the onion and pepper.  Continue cooking until creamy.  Soup will become smooth.

Add as much or as little ham as you want to make a more or less meaty soup.  Serve hot with optional hot sauces, pepper, salt, and/or tamari.

Extra Ham Flavor:
Boil a ham bone in water for several hours until meat comes off the bone.  Cook the split peas in the broth. 

Vegetarian Variations:
Omit ham.  This is still a flavorful hearty soup. To make it EXTRA hearty, add 1/2 c. each of chopped carrots and celery 10-15 minutes before the onion as these take longer to cook.

Enjoy a meal that can be made ahead.  Serves 6.


We're happy to be home this cold winter.  A few weekend jaunts to antique auctions and visiting, along with some day trips around the state, have been very enjoyable.

Linda at an auction, in front of the painting we purchased.


Hope everyone's having a great winter.  See you aboard soon!

Countdown to our first trip:  104 days