A little adventure and a whole lot of relaxation
Crossing the Bass Harbor Bar 
September 20th, 2014
photo courtesy of Betsy Morse
September 2014
Schooner Heritage
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Hello shipmates,

Thanks to all of you who joined us this year.  We finished our sailing season last Thursday.  Since then the crew has been busy stowing the gear ashore: the sails, blocks, lines, everything from the cabins as well as the galley.  

Monday the 29th

Today the rain has held off while they've started putting on the winter cover.  Once the side walls are up, the rafters are put in place and finally a layer of plastic over those. 

Tuesday, the 30th
Soon the crew members will start leaving, first one then another until there's just the captains and Shary in the office. That's when the planning for next year begins!  In the coming month, we'll figure out the 2015 schedule and get it up on the website. Some of you have already let us know which trip you'd like to sail on next year.  We look forward to hearing from many more of you once the trip dates have been finalized.

Until then,