A little adventure and a whole lot of relaxation
Courtesy of Capt. Brenda Thomas

November 2013

Schooner Heritage
P O Box 482
Rockland ME  04841


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       Hello from the
Schooner Heritage!
Hi All,
The dock for the Great Windship Heritage is completed for the time being.  We'll add some cement and nice grass to make it look really good come next season.  The Heritage is all tied up securely for the winter now.  Whew!
All of our crew are off to new adventures.  We had a surprise visit last week from Jan who now lives in Oregon!  He was in town to visit his father who was here from Poland!  They met in the middle.  Sam stops in for lunch every so often as he works across the harbor in Rockland.
We are leaving soon for Capt. Julie Wheaton's wedding in Fort Lauderdale.  This will be our fall road trip.  We'll be traveling over the upcoming holiday but hope to enjoy a great Thanksgiving with some good friends. 
Doug can't believe how busy we are and how much we are working this fall.  The dock was an enormous project. 
Our neighbors, the Prock Marine Company, treated us well.  Some of you may remember the loud noises starting at 6 a.m. when we were still at the dock this summer.  They had one of their tug boats on the marine railway and started working with metal very early in the morning.  They had to get HUGE lights for our dock project since it isn't summer anymore.
Doug got a manlift, a Grove AMZ XL68, via the internet.  Maybe we'll name it "Amazing".  We'll have to see.  It arrived late on Friday afternoon just before Veterans Day weekend.  He's actually reading the manual for the machine! 
Hopefully this will prevent any more broken legs.   It will be useful around the Shipyard and the house and to lend to friends.
 We wish you all the best for a Happy Thanksgiving.