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photo courtesy of Bruce & Mary Frances Williams

October 2013

Schooner Heritage
P O Box 482
Rockland ME  04841


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      Hello from the
Schooner Heritage!
Hi Shipmates,
Our 2013 sailing season has come to an end.  Thank you to all who joined us aboard.  We had a good time.
We've been busy getting the Great Windship all ready for winter.  All the moveable gear has been stowed ashore.
  She has her plastic winter house all in place to keep the rain and snow off the deck.  The masts have been greased and the rigging pine-tarred.  The crew overhauled all the blocks and painted them... all ready for next year.
Marshall will be here a little longer and is varnishing all the small boats.  Clark Kent is all set. 
  Archie and New Meadows are in the heated "White Room" with reasonable lighting. 
 Lois Lane is all sanded and awaiting her turn to be varnished!
There is an erosion problem at the Heritage's berth due to winter storms.  Some of the 150-year-old cribwork came apart.
With our neighbors, the Prock Marine Co., we're completely rebuilding it so it should be secure for a long time.  
The 2014 Schedule is up on the website now.  Shary has many of you "penciled" in.  Let her know if you'd like her to hold a spot for you.
Hope you're enjoying our spectacular fall weather.  It's really been wonderful here.
All the best,