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Schooner Heritage sailing Western Penobscot Bay
 Photo courtesy of Capt. Owen Dorr

 April 2013

Schooner Heritage
P O Box 482
Rockland ME  04841


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     Hello from the
Schooner Heritage!
Hi Shipmates,
Spring outfitting is progressing. We're getting the Great Windship Heritage ready for the season.  Only five weeks until our first trip! 
Our crew is coming together nicely.  A nice young man stopped by yesterday, resume in hand, and we now have a mate!  Many of you know Marybeth who was our cook for the first half of the season last year.  She's back and is just wonderful.  We really appreciate her.  Our other crew members are very enthusiastic and we're looking forward to a great sailing season. 
We're having no problem keeping busy.  The schooners keep changing on the North End Shipyard marine railway.  So far we've hauled six in the last five weeks with another five waiting their turn.  Yesterday was the Schooner Heritage's haul-out day.  Imagine seeing this go by your office window!
  Heritage coming out of the water
She always looks big on the railway. 
Schooner Heritage on the marine railway
The cove is still a favorite spot for the loons and eiders. We spotted a "V" of Canada geese flying north two days ago.  Are they a little late this year? 
  Looking forward to seeing you aboard this sailing season. 
All the best,