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Schooner Heritage thirty years ago


Schooner Heritage Summer 1983

March 2013

Schooner Heritage
P O Box 482
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    Hello from the
Schooner Heritage!

Hi Shipmates,
Spring is on the way... some days we wonder... but we're busy hiring crew and finishing up winter projects, so it must be.
The Schooner Heritage will turn 30 on April 16th, 2013.  What a special day that was in 1983.  
  Crowd at launching of the Schooner Heritage 1983
We think that about 3,000 people attended the launching; we only expected a few hundred.  The Maine Windjammer Association contributed to the celebration with a bag pipe band. 
  Watching the Heritage being launched
April 16th, 1983 was a cold day and it even snowed later.  We were trying to sell warm hats to people but it was difficult to even get to them.
Here we are with the schooner ready to launch.  My we sure do look young!
Capts Doug and Linda with Rachel, Clara & Capt John Foss

Capt. Doug holding Clara, Capt. Linda with Rachel,

and Capt. John Foss

We were so pleased with our creation. The Heritage was and is all she is supposed to be.  She is a beautiful strong vessel who loves to sail while keeping her sailors, passengers & crew safe and comfortable. We enjoy being aboard every season.
 Maine Maple Sunday
March 24th was Maine Maple Sunday this year.  We visited several sugar houses and tasted their fine syrup delights.  Here we are at Sparky's Mood Mountain Maple.  It's the real Maine thing.
  Outside the sugar house
The syrup is boiled very carefully at a certain temperature.  Just like we use wood to cook aboard the Heritage, they do too.
  Keeping that sap hot
Here's Capt. Linda with David Smith, the sugar house owner, talking about the process.  It takes forty gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup.
David Smith, owner of the sugar house with Capt. Linda

  Looking forward to seeing you aboard for the Schooner Heritage's 30th birthday celebration all season long.  Everyone who sails this year will receive a commemorative mug, "Holding a turn since 1983".  We'll have them for you when come aboard.
Holding a turn since 1983 mug
All the best,